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Autographed book Armageddon Medicine, How to Be Your own Doctor in 2012 and Beyond

Plus FREE CD of your choice . . .

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FREE OFFER – 14-page download – How to treat resistant infections

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How to treat resistant infections

Current offer: How to treat resistant infections

  • Pneumonia – what if you don’t get well?
  • Urinary infection – could it be something else?
  • Skin infection – what if it’s MRSA?

(Offers update regularly, so check back often!)

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Fish Antibiotic Update 2016

Staphylococcus aureus - Antibiotics Test plate

Image via Wikipedia

As of 2016 most preppers are well aware of OTC “fish antibiotics” intended for aquarium use.  If the concept is new to you, please search this site for earlier articles, including yearly updates.

In reviewing several fish antibiotic web sites, I see certain retailers continue to offer ketoconazole, which is not an antibiotic, but rather an antifungal.  Ketoconazole is sold right along with common antibiotics such as penicillin, likely leading the uninformed reader to wrongly conclude that they are equally safe and effective for bacterial illnesses such as pneumonia and strep throat, which ketoconazole is not. Continue reading

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Antibiotics – 5 Reasons to Avoid Them – Yeast Infection, MRSA, Resistance, Diarrhea, and Allergy

[Original publication date 2-24-11. Content and links checked and updated 5-21-16.]

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus 10048

  Have a cold? Take an antibiotic?

  Ear pain? Take an antibiotic.

  Acne? Take an antibiotic.

That’s what people think anyway. Continue reading

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Human Nature and Why Socialism (and Socialized Medicine) Won’t Work

It was 2010 when I wrote the following…that was pre-Obamacare.  Did his plan even have a name back then?


The Affordable Care Act.

I sometimes forget that’s the actual name.  I’m supposing the doubling of my insurance premiums has made health care more affordable for somebody, somewhere.  As for me, I’ll have to pay nearly $12,000 before my insurance kicks in a dime.  My health care is not more affordable.  Is yours?

The following is my take on why neither Hillary nor Bernie can solve the problem.


Love your neighbor as yourself – the second of the Great Commandments and the theoretical basis of socialism. Continue reading

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Broken Bones, Dementia, and the End of the World – Introduction

Drawing of a human femur.

Image via Wikipedia

Twice so far I’ve ignored this blog for months on end.  Both times were for serious medical problems. There’s nothing like a crisis to interrupt your disaster planning!

The first time, in 2010, my son was severely injured in a motorcycle accident (see article below).  In 2015 it’s my mother who’s been devastated by dementia.  Eventually I’ll get to an article on the terrible toll this disease will take at TEOTWAWKI.  For now we’re just trying to cope day by day. Continue reading

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Asthma and COPD – Part II – OTC Medications – Update

Since this information was first posted November 2010, a few things have changed.

  1.  My book is no longer “upcoming.” It’s available for purchase on this very website!
  2.  Primatene Mist is no longer available OTC, though it may be again someday.  The manufacturer is still hopeful that a new version with an environmentally-friendly propellant will be approved.
  3. For a few years, Asthmanefrin was widely available as a potential replacement.  However, FDA concerns over drug and device safety resulted in a recall of the product.
  4. Primatene Tablets remain on the market.  Though likely less effective than Primatene Mist, and still with a significant likelihood of systemic reactions (increased heart rate or blood pressure, or nervousness or jitteriness), the tablets are probably your best bet for OTC asthma prepping.
  5. The remainder of the article remains current.

Continue reading

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How to get your doctor to help you stockpile medicine – Update

Since this information was originally published on Survivalblog.com in 2010, Obamacare has brought BIG changes to the health care system.

None of these changes have made it any easier to stockpile medicines – in fact, quite the reverse is true.

Though I have advised seeking out a private solo practice physician, you may not be able to find one.  At least in my hometown, the small-time doctor is being run out of business by corporate medicine.  My own practice was a casualty.  (I am currently doing private medical research instead.)  In larger practices, there’s always someone looking over the doctor’s shoulder, and freedom to prescribe is increasingly restricted. If you haven’t found such a doctor yet, I suggest you hurry. Continue reading

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Medical Bartering, Part 2 – OTC Medications

Scenario #2

The grid is down, so you and a few friends have organized a neighborhood church for worship. One Sunday morning a stranger in a business suit struggles in, barely able to walk  After the service you sit with him at the potluck dinner.

“It’s the gout,” he grimaces, sitting down. “It only hits me a few times a year, but when it does I can barely move. What I wouldn’t give for some Indocin! You don’t happen to have any, do you?”

In fact you don’t have that prescription medication on hand, but you have stocked up on generic Advil, Aleve, and aspirin. And, having read Armageddon Medicine, you realize that these may work just as well.

Having sufficient on hand to share, what do you do?
1.  As a fellow church attender, give him 5 days worth, free of charge.
2.  Offer to sell him 20 pills at your cost.
3.  Decide that a fourfold markup is fair, similar to the difference between manufacturing and retail prices.
4.  Calculate what it would be worth to you if you were in his situation, and ask if he would like to exchange his business suit for a supply of anti-inflammatory medicine.
5.  Knowing that you may never be able to replenish your supply, and that gout is not life-threatening, you apologize and answer no. Continue reading

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Medical Bartering, Part 1 of 5 – Introduction

Scenario #1

PertussisYou’re in a grid down situation. As a registered nurse, you’ve gathered medical supplies for your family that you believe might be life-saving in the event of a calamity.

Cautiously answering a knock at your door, you find a young couple with their infant daughter. Even at first glance you know she is dehydrated. “Can you help her?” the weeping mother cries. “She hasn’t had anything to eat or drink in three days!” Continue reading

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Fish Antibiotic Update 2015

If you’re new to the whole concept of fish antibiotics, there are a few basics you need to know. These are not antibiotics made out of fish. Neither are they micro-pills you must cram down your guppy’s throat. In general they are pills or capsules of the same size and strength humans use.

Although you cannot buy human or even dog antibiotics in the U.S. without a legal prescription, a federal loophole allows these same antibiotics to be sold over-the-counter for aquarium use. Continue reading

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