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Human Nature and Why Socialism (and Socialized Medicine) Won’t Work

It was 2010 when I wrote the following…that was pre-Obamacare.  Did his plan even have a name back then? The Affordable Care Act. I sometimes forget that’s the actual name.  I’m supposing the doubling of my insurance premiums has made … Continue reading

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Doc Cindy on SurvivalBlog

Dr. Koelker is honored to serve as Medical Editor for SurvivalBlog To read her articles, click on any title below Essential Medical Skills to Acquire – Part 1: Introduction, by Cynthia J. Koelker, MD   Essential Medical Skills to Acquire: Suturing, … Continue reading

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Treating life-threatening diarrhea after taking antibiotics

If you fear that one day you may be on your own, and if you want to make sure you or a loved won’t die of diarrhea, you must know how to cure C diff.  Without treatment, this infection is … Continue reading

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Are you part of the 13%?

Copyright ©2012 Cynthia J. Koelker, MD  Last night I shared dinner with another doctor on my “Front Porch Book Tour.”  One of the topics we discussed was “the 13%” – are you a member? In any life-threatening crisis – potentially … Continue reading

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Are you ready for ridicule?

A few days ago I did a radio interview for a drive-time morning radio station.  Each time I do an interview I learn a thing or two. This time the lesson was ridicule. It reminds me of Noah and his … Continue reading

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Self-Defense and Medical Preparedness – Location and Visibility – Part 3

The following post on self-defense and medical preparedness is third in a series by Pete Farmer,  who holds advanced degrees in research biology and history, and is also an RN and EMT.  * * *   For this, the third installment of our look at … Continue reading

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Week 25 – Question of the Week: What will 2012 bring?

Week 25: 2012-01-05 (non-consecutive weeks)  It’s official – 2012 has arrived.  But so what? I know there are thousands of preppers out there who consult this site weekly, and you all must have some opinion on 2012.  A person would … Continue reading

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from “The Gods of the Copybook Headings” – Rudyard Kipling

  Our friendly dentist sent this today, a reminder from days gone by. “….Then the Gods of the Market tumbled, and their smooth-tongued wizards withdrew And the hearts of the meanest were humbled and began to believe it was true … Continue reading

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Radiation disaster – is the U.S. ready?

In a word: NO. In light of the recent Japanese nuclear disaster, the American Medical Association has issued a special report on Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness.  Ordinarily this publication would be reserved for dues-paying AMA members, but the … Continue reading

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Hitting the Wall: Legal, Ethical, and Logistical Barriers to Medical Preparedness

The following post on medical preparedness is contributed by Pete Farmer,  who holds advanced degrees in research biology and history, and is also an RN and EMT. * * *  Image via Wikipedia   You’ve done your research, rolled-up your sleeves and … Continue reading

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