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How to get your doctor to help you stockpile medicine – Update

Since this information was originally published on Survivalblog.com in 2010, Obamacare has brought BIG changes to the health care system. None of these changes have made it any easier to stockpile medicines – in fact, quite the reverse is true. Though I … Continue reading

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Tip of the Week: Home strep throat tests

If you have kids at home and are worried about strep throat, check out the over-the-counter rapid strep kits on Amazon.  I have not seen them for sale in local pharmacies, but online ordering is simple and requires no medical … Continue reading

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Week 28 – Question of the Week: Which of these may be deadly?

Week 28: 2012-01-26 (non-consecutive weeks) Diphtheria. Whooping cough. Tetanus. Measles. Mumps. Rubella. Hepatitis B. Chicken pox. Haemophilus influenza B. Polio. I ask, which of these may be deadly, but the answer is, all of them can be. My real question … Continue reading

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Self-Defense and Medical Preparedness – Location and Visibility – Part 3

The following post on self-defense and medical preparedness is third in a series by Pete Farmer,  who holds advanced degrees in research biology and history, and is also an RN and EMT.  * * *   For this, the third installment of our look at … Continue reading

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Cholera – Lessons from Haiti

Haiti had not experienced a cholera epidemic in over a century. The January 2010 earthquake changed that. In the wake of the destruction and misery, cholera paid a visit.  By October 2010 an epidemic had been identified.  By six weeks later 91,770 cases … Continue reading

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Are you prepared to prevent 99% of infections?

Image via Wikipedia Infections in human beings are caused by a frightening array of microorganisms. Bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, worms, amoeba, parasites, and prions invade the human body, spreading fear and misery throughout the world.   In a very real sense, … Continue reading

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Week 8 – Question of the Week: What diseases will surface when society is disrupted?

Week 8:  2011-04-28  Today I’m asking our professionals to weigh in on a question posed by Dan, one of our readers and contributors:    What diseases would likely show up with a disruption of life as we know it?  Haiti saw a marked … Continue reading

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New Deadly Virus . . . just when you think we’ve seen them all

Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome (SFTS) – quite a mouthful. This week’s Journal of the American Medical Association included a few paragraphs on this newly identified infection, caused by a tick-borne Phlebovirus of the Bunyaviridae family.    Other tick-borne illnesses … Continue reading

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Medication stockpiling – what the government is doing

   There’s little sense in my duplicating information that is already out there.   So I’ve been looking around, seeing what the government is doing to stockpile medication.  I had assumed we have national stockpiles, but had never really checked into … Continue reading

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Medical Quarantine – Protecting Your Family from Infection

Plague.  Yellow fever.  Cholera.  Diphtheria.    Diseases which evoke images of death and despair.   Though less likely to transmit a fatal illness, would you open your door to someone with hepatitis, strep throat, or methacillin-resistant staph?  What about a person … Continue reading

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