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Free download – The Ship Captain’s Medical Guide – Childbirth

Suppose you were at sea and went into labor.  What would you do without a doctor on board? The same question could be asked of any situation where a woman went into labor without a doctor or midwife available.  I’ve … Continue reading

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Dem Bones . . . I love this free ap!

Recently I came upon a wonderful free medical ap, namely the Visible Body, Human Anatomy Atlas.  I wish such a great tool had been available in my medical school days, but it’s never too late. The Skeletal System section of … Continue reading

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What a find! Don’t miss this FREE BOOK!

Sound like an advertising blitz? Well, it isn’t. Recently I ordered some books to use in conjunction with my Survival Medicine classes.  Among them is Practical Plastic Surgery for Nonsurgeons by Nadine Semer, MD.  When including her book as a … Continue reading

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Free Podcasts

Starting March 2, 2013 I’ll be adding a series of free podcasts on various topics related to medical prepping, in affiliation with the Preparedness Radio Network. To begin I’ll be joining Sylvia of the Christian Home Keeper, who kindly invited … Continue reading

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Colloidal Silver – Free Download

The question of colloidal silver continues to pique the interest of those worried about treating infection post-Armageddon. Prof.  Ronald J. Gibbs has an interesting web site on silver colloids, featuring a free download of a 40-page booklet. He appears to … Continue reading

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Cholera – Lessons from Haiti

Haiti had not experienced a cholera epidemic in over a century. The January 2010 earthquake changed that. In the wake of the destruction and misery, cholera paid a visit.  By October 2010 an epidemic had been identified.  By six weeks later 91,770 cases … Continue reading

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Medical-prepper links

One of our contributing professionals asked about placing my research on a hotmail sky drive.  Perhaps in the future I’ll find time to add this feature, but in the meantime he has offered to share his own extensive prepper research … Continue reading

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What do cockroaches and chlamydia have in common? Both are likely to survive the end of the world as we know it. So will syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, HIV, and human papilloma virus – all our old friends.  For a free, … Continue reading

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Herbal Medicine – Start with the Science

Herbal medicine – fact or fiction? How does one separate the truth from the hype?  Most of what you find online is anecdotal evidence.  Can you trust someone who is trying to make a sale?  It’s one thing to believe … Continue reading

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Free Download – When there’s no other doctor

Suppose there’s no doctor to help you or your family. Where do you start? If no physician is available, and you become responsible for the health care of your family or group, what should you know about a patient? No doubt … Continue reading

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