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Tip of the week: Excellent, affordable practice suture

For anyone who wants to practice their suturing skills, check out www.sim-vivo.com.  They sell the best, most affordable practice suture I’ve found.  They also offer free training videos and sell practice suture modules that are great for learning.  It’s not … Continue reading

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What a find! Don’t miss this FREE BOOK!

Sound like an advertising blitz? Well, it isn’t. Recently I ordered some books to use in conjunction with my Survival Medicine classes.  Among them is Practical Plastic Surgery for Nonsurgeons by Nadine Semer, MD.  When including her book as a … Continue reading

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Earthquake Injuries – the Haiti Experience – What to Prepare For

Last month’s JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) featured an article from the CDC (MMWR 2011;59:1673-1677) on post-earthquake injuries treated at a field hospital in 2010. What did they see?  Or of more concern, what will we see when … Continue reading

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