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Articles in this category are intended for medical professionals, as a medium to exchange knowledge suitable for doctors, dentists, nurses, EMTs, and other health professionals. For that reason, articles are password-protected, by invitation only.  Linked pages will be password protected as well. 

We now have hundreds of medical professionals in the group, including physicians, nurses, EMTs, psychologists, dentists, chiropracters, wilderness guides, and nurse-midwives.

If you are interested in accessing the “Medical Professionals” pages, please send a brief email including your name and credentials (for example MD, DO, DDS, RN, EMT, PhD, etc., with a few details regarding experience and specialty) to:

medpros [at] armageddonmedicine [dot] net

and the current password for access will be emailed to you.  Please use typical email formatting – the above is to prevent spam. 

I’m always looking for informed contributors, so let me know if you’re interested in writing an article for Armageddon Medicine by emailing me at the same address listed above.

The password will allow you to access PW-protected pages, but note: when posting comments, your user name will be visible to others, so consider using something anonymous such as DrBob, or Cindy, RN. 

My thanks to all of you,

Doc Cindy

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