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  • Diabetes – The Secret to Blood Sugar Control
    [Health-and-Fitness:Diabetes] It’s not the food. It’s not the medication. Nor is it lack of exercise or merely aging. If your blood sugar is poorly-controlled, the problem is something else entirely. In decades of treating diabetes, I’ve become convinced the problem is one of relationship. Now why would I say that? Doesn’t medication matter? Yes. Isn’t diet important? Also yes. But the most important factor in the whole equation is your relationship with your doctor, and even more so, with yourself.



  • The Dangers of Poison Ivy – What You Don’t Know Might Kill You
    [Health-and-Fitness:Home-Health-Care] Did you know poison ivy can kill you? Most people associate poison ivy with an itchy rash. It’s true, this is the most common symptom. People generally acquire a poison ivy rash from coming in direct contact with the plant, either while walking through the woods, gardening, or weeding. When the urushiol oil present in the leaves and stems of poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac, comes in contact with the skin, it initiates an immune response that triggers redness, swelling, and blistering, within 2 to 14 days.



  • 3 Alternative Diabetes Treatments That Aren’t Insulin – How to Help Yourself Avoid the Needle
    [Health-and-Fitness:Diabetes] Have you recently been diagnosed with diabetes? Are insulin shots your worst nightmare? The majority of Type 2 diabetics do not require insulin, and most adults with diabetes have Type 2. In fact, in this type of diabetes, there is usually more insulin than normal produced, but the tissues of the body have become resistant to using it efficiently. Thankfully there are several treatments to lower your blood sugar without resorting to insulin.


  • 3 Diabetic Foods to Avoid – Dangers of Eating Diabetic Foods
    [Health-and-Fitness:Diabetes] No food is truly diabetic. Food is food. However there are some that are designed and marketed with the diabetic in mind. Although these foods are less likely to raise your blood sugar, are they safe to eat indiscriminately? Here are 3 diabetic foods to avoid – and the dangers of eating them.


  • What Do Lice Look Like?
    [Health-and-Fitness] Until the threat arose, you probably gave little thought to head lice. But now that you’re worried, are you wondering how to detect the loathsome creatures? The most common reasons to suspect a louse infestation are: An itchy scalp Exposure from a friend or classmate Flaky debris that you think may be nits.


  • Anger – Recognizing the Symptoms, Avoiding the Dangers, Finding the Cure
    [Home-and-Family] Anger. The deadliest emotion, and a threat to all relationships. Divorce, domestic violence, child abuse, even simple arguments, all start with anger and end with unhappiness. Though many people don’t realize it, anger is a secondary emotion. Often, however, we jump to this emotion before registering the triggering thought or feeling. The preceding trigger is most commonly one of hurt.



  • Chiggers – Invisible Bug Bites – The Itch That Will Drive You Crazy
    [Health-and-Fitness] How can a critter smaller than the dot of an ‘i’ drive you mad with itching? Been there, done that? If so, you’ve probably had chiggers. Chiggers, or harvest mites, are normally found in grassy or brush-covered areas throughout much of the world. In America, these trombiculid mites favor the warmer, more humid areas and are seldom found in deserts or high mountains.


  • How to Recognize Poison Ivy – The Plant and the Rash
    [Health-and-Fitness:Alternative] If you live in North America and venture beyond your front porch, you’re at risk of contracting poison ivy. Thankfully, by learning to recognize this dangerous plant, you can limit the likelihood of developing a nasty rash. Staying out of parks and forests does not guarantee your safety.



  • 5 Reasons Doctors Love Dr House
    [Arts-and-Entertainment] Most doctors I know get a kick out of the television show, “House.” Though we’re all aghast at his bedside manner and cavalier attitude, still there is a certain attraction. Those not in the medical field may wonder how physicians can enjoy watching such a callous fellow. Here are the five top reasons doctors love Dr. House.


  • Top 5 Reasons Women Don’t Want Sex
    [Relationships:Sexuality] In over two decades as a family physician I’ve had a lot of women confide in me. Their complaints about sex are much the same, year after year after year. Here are the top 5 reasons women don’t want to have sex, especially after marriage. 1 They don’t feel loved. For men, the feeling of being loved is often experienced during or after sexual intercourse.



  • Top 10 Reasons Your Blood Sugar is Too High
    [Health-and-Fitness:Diabetes] Are you diabetic? Is your blood sugar too high? In 20 years of seeing diabetic patients, one becomes familiar with certain patterns of illness and behavior. Any seasoned physician can list a dozen reasons why a patient’s blood sugar may be uncontrolled. Here is my top 10 list of reasons why your blood sugar may be too high.


  • Top 10 Reasons You Pay Too Much For Medication
    [Health-and-Fitness:Medicine] Anyone taking medications on a regular basis is at risk for over-paying. Your pharmacy will have little reason to suggest cost-saving measures. After all, that will affect their bottom line. It is up to you, the patient, to be pro-active in finding an affordable regimen of medications. Here are the top 10 reasons why you may be paying more than you need to for medication:


  • How to Avoid Typos When Writing a Large Number of Articles Quickly
    [Writing-and-Speaking:Writing] For a number of reasons authors may choose to write a number of articles quickly, yet this runs the risk of excessive typos. If you’re a bit obsessive-compulsive, you’ll find the experience frustrating. Of course, spell-check is the obvious answer, but spell-check does not pick up many misspelled words.


  • High Cholesterol Treatment – What is the Benefit? Understanding Statin Drugs and NNT
    [Health-and-Fitness] Everyone knows that a high cholesterol level can be bad for your health. Most people understand this relates to the risk of heart attack, and many are aware that cholesterol build-up is related to strokes as well. The statins are a group of drugs that lower cholesterol levels by decreasing the rate of cholesterol production within the body. It is unknown, however, if this is the mechanism whereby the risk of heart attacks and strokes is lowered.


  • Swimmer’s Ear – Causes and Cures – 5 Tips For Effective Treatment
    [Health-and-Fitness] Swimmer’s ear is an infection of the ear canal, so-named because it commonly occurs after swimming. However, it may occur after getting the ear canal wet for any reason, even washing one’s hair. But why would getting your ear wet cause infection? The cause is not germs in the water. You can get swimmer’s ear from swimming in a chlorinated pool.



  • How to Write a Novel – 5 Autobiographical Points
    [Writing-and-Speaking:Writing] It wasn’t until after I’d completed my novel that I heard that a first novel is always autobiographical. Not mine, I thought vainly. Of course, I’d written the book after suffering a loss, just like the main character. That much I would admit, no more. But now that I’m less sensitive about my writing, I can see how things really are: my life is plastered all over that story. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, perhaps just inevitable.


  • Racism – A Misunderstanding of Biology – Toward Ending Discrimination
    [Health-and-Fitness] From a medical point of view, racism doesn’t exist. How can this be? There can be no racism if there are no races. Scientifically speaking, there is only one human race. When we speak of the various human races, what we are referring to is a set of outward appearances (the phenotypical expression of the genotype).



  • Bladder Infections – 5 Keys to Prevention
    [Health-and-Fitness] If you’ve had one bladder infection, you won’t want to suffer another. Common symptoms of bladder infections include burning on urination, lower abdominal pain, frequent urination, getting up at night to urinate, low back pain, and nausea. Fever and mid-back pain are usually limited to kidney infection, a more serious condition.


  • Hay Fever – 5 Tips For Effective Treatment
    [Health-and-Fitness] If something has little to do with either hay or fever, why call it hay fever? Anyone who suffers from itchy eyes, runny nose, and post-nasal drainage during the summer months knows how hay fever feels, even if they’ve never called it that.


  • Why Lebron Left
    [Recreation-and-Sports:Basketball] It’s a done deal: Lebron has left Cleveland. Now why, as a physician, would I even mention this?


  • Should I Stop My Diabetes Medicine? FDA Hearings to Determine Risk of Heart Attack
    [Health-and-Fitness:Medicine] Today marks the beginning of FDA hearings on Avandia (rosiglitazone), a popular drug for diabetes. The hearing centers on whether Avandia places a patient at higher risk of a heart attack. Patients taking Avandia may not realize that one of the primary reasons doctors use Avandia is not only to lower one’s blood sugar, but to thereby prevent heart attacks.


  • Treating Pain Without Drugs – 5 Tips to Feel Better and Use Less Medicine
    [Health-and-Fitness] Most patients think doctors never hurt. Not true. I’ve lived with pain every day for the last 40+ years, so I know a thing or two about what I’m saying. Not that I never take pain medication, but Tylenol or an occasional Advil is about it – no narcotics. Does that mean my pain isn’t worthy of anything stronger?


  • Weight Loss Without Exercise – Why Eating Less Works Better
    [Health-and-Fitness:Weight-Loss] Which causes more weight loss: exercising or eating less? Most people don’t really understand metabolism or weight loss. Do you believe that walking 20 minutes twice a week entitles you to eat a piece of pie every day? But exercising off 200 calories does not counterbalance 3500 calories of pie.



  • Breastfeeding – 5 Tips For Success (or, If a Poodle Can Do it, So Can You)
    [Health-and-Fitness:Womens-Issues] Breastfeeding isn’t rocket science. If poodles, panthers, and porpoises can do it, so can you. But in modern society it’s becoming a lost art. Many new mothers do not have experienced mothers of their own to ask. Even the current generation of grandmothers is ill-informed on the ins and outs of breastfeeding.


  • When a Spider Bite Isn’t a Spider Bite – MRSA Infection – Dangers and Treatment
    [Health-and-Fitness] You swear you’ve been bitten by a spider. Naturally you didn’t see the 8-legged critter – you were sleeping. But there are spiders in your house and you spent a lot of time cleaning cobwebs over the weekend. When you notice a red bump that looks like a bug bite, it’s only logical to think that it’s a spider bite. But when the little red bump becomes larger and redder you ask yourself if perhaps it was a poisonous spider.


  • Human Nature and Why Socialism (and Socialized Medicine) Won’t Work
    [Health-and-Fitness:Healthcare-Systems] Love your neighbor as yourself – the second of the Great Commandments and the theoretical basis of socialism. Human nature, on the other hand, tends to think of the self first. Until the human spirit attains perfection, this element of human nature will remain the primary motivator within our relationships and actions. Take work for example.


  • How to Write a Novel – 5 Steps to Success
    [Writing-and-Speaking:Writing] Writing a novel is not for sissies. Sure, anyone can tell a story, but can you do it without putting your reader to sleep? Storytelling dates back to the dawn of humankind. When you ask someone what they did today, you’re looking for a story, not a statistical analysis of the day’s activities.



  • 5 Reasons to Choose a Golden-Doodle and 5 Reasons Not To
    [Pets:Dogs] Three years ago my kids and I were adjusting to life without their father. They needed someone or something to cuddle and so did I. So on Labor Day, 2007, I loaded the kids in the car, remembered to bring a few towels along, and headed for Amish country where puppy prices were in line with what I could afford.


  • How to Write an Article in Half an Hour
    [Writing-and-Speaking] Writing an article a day in your spare time is quite a challenge. Writing 400 words in half an hour is even more of one. That’s a word every 4 seconds or so.


  • How to Write a Book on 100 Days
    [Writing-and-Speaking:Writing] 1. Choose a topic you already know well. You won’t have time to do much research and should already have the majority of the book in your head or at least at your fingertips. Writing is hard work and it’s unlikely you’ll be able to produce more than 4 type-written pages day after day, especially if you spend hours on research.


  • How I Got Published (or How a Publisher Found Me)
    [Writing-and-Speaking:Publishing] Warning! Don’t try this at home. If you’re reading this article, odds are you have a book you’d like someone to publish. I once stood in your shoes. But after checking out the publishing industry, and not wanting to do the leg work involved in finding a publisher, I took off those shoes and put on the self-publishing hat.


  • Sunburn and Heat Stroke – Dangers to Avoid
    [Health-and-Fitness] It’s a beautiful summer morning and you head to the beach. By mid-afternoon you’re on your way to the ER. What went wrong?
  • Diabetic Foods – Fact Or Fiction?
    [Health-and-Fitness:Diabetes] Diabetic foods: do they really exist? What is a diabetic food anyway? Something to control your blood sugar? A product that can actually make your diabetes better? A food to keep your glucose levels from getting worse?


  • Bee Stings and Bug Bites – Dangers and Diseases
    [Health-and-Fitness] It’s summer time – time for bumbling bees and biting bugs. Anywhere people enjoy nature, so do 6-legged critters (8-leggers as well). Backyards, ballfields, and boulevards are all subject to the invasion of biting or stinging insects (and arthropods). For most people the injuries they inflict on humans are merely a nuisance. For others, they can be life-threatening. Here are 5 dangers to consider if you suffer a sting or insect bite.



  • HPV Vaccine For Cervical Cancer – Should I Be Immunized? Should My Child?
    [Health-and-Fitness:Diseases-STDs] Cervical cancer. Are you at risk? Can it be prevented? Only in recent decades was it recognized that cervical cancer is usually caused by a sexually transmitted disease, the human papilloma virus, the same virus which causes genital warts. Because it is a viral infection, current medical science has no cure. Until improved antiviral medications become available the disease is being attacked from a different angle: prevention.


  • Constipation – Cures and Prevention, the Natural Way
    [Health-and-Fitness:Home-Health-Care] Everyone suffers from occasional constipation. Usually it’s diet-related. Within a few days, things work their way out, so to speak. But what if it’s a daily occurrence? What if you’re frequently bloated or plagued with abdominal discomfort due to constipation?


  • Insomnia – Effective Treatment Without Drugs – 7 Tips to Sleep Soundly
    [Health-and-Fitness:Sleep-Snoring] Do you look forward to bedtime yet dread the thought of another sleepless night? Have you thought of asking your doctor for a sleeping pill but hate the thought of becoming dependent on medication? Before resorting to sleeping pills, consider these proven techniques to sleep soundly.


  • What If Health Insurance Were Like Car Insurance?
    [Insurance:Health] Consider your body an automobile with legs, a pedestrian transportation unit. Your legs are your wheels, food is your gasoline, your skeleton is your chassis, your eyes are your headlights.


  • What If Car Insurance Were Like Health Insurance?
    [Insurance:Health] It’s a beautiful day. You’re tooling down a road and pick up a nail in your tire. A few miles later your tire is running low so you stop at the local garage and have it plugged for 10 bucks. They suggest you buy new tires before next winter.


  • Poison Ivy – 5 Tips For Effective Treatment
    [Health-and-Fitness] The itch is driving your crazy! You need help now! Rashes due to poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac all look about the same – raised, reddened, blistering bumps in areas of exposure. All are caused by hypersensitivity to plants containing urushiol. The rash and itching begin 24 to 48 hours after exposure, worsening over the next several days.



  • Health Care Costs in the Free Market
    [Health-and-Fitness:Healthcare-Systems] America has a choice. Health care can either be part of the free market – or not. Or it can remain a hodgepodge mixture – as it already is. According to Abraham Lincoln, “I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.” America, you, the people, need to decide.



  • Your New Baby – 9 Ways to Save Money on Newborns
    [Home-and-Family:Babies-Toddler] Suppose it’s child #1, the most perfect baby in the world. Of course you buy the very best for your newborn – brand name diapers, scientifically designed baby bottles, professionally done pictures. Of course you take your precious bundle of joy to the doctor for every sniffle, every hiccup, every imperfection. Now suppose it’s child #9. You buy generic diapers, generic medicine, generic beans. Your child is lucky to have a snapshot on your cell phone – if it’s not broken.



  • Back Pain – Medications to Try Before an MRI
    [Health-and-Fitness:Back-Pain] Are you one of the 65 million Americans who suffer from back pain? No doubt you’d like the instant cure – if there were one. Unfortunately, none exists.


  • Heartburn – Effective Treatment, Affordable Cost
    [Health-and-Fitness:Heartburn-and-Acid-Reflux] Heartburn. Also known as acid reflux, GERD, or acid indigestion. Are you one of the estimated 10% of Americans who suffer from acid reflux disease? There wouldn’t be so many commercials on the “Purple Pill” if there weren’t millions of you out there. Heartburn is the most common symptom of acid reflux disease. However, it is not the only



  • Warts – To Treat Or Not to Treat?
    [Health-and-Fitness] No one likes warts, except perhaps the Wicked Witch of the West. Finger warts. Plantar warts. Genital warts. They’re all caused by HPV – some strain of human papilloma virus.


  • Sinusitis – Treatment and Costs – 7 Tips to Save Money and Feel Better Quickly
    [Health-and-Fitness:Diseases] Sinusitis is highly overrated. Picture this scenario. You’re the doctor. Your patient has waited an hour to see you. He complains of congestion, headache, sinus pressure, and post-nasal drainage. Yes, the drainage is 
  •  No, he hasn’t missed work. He winces when you tap his sinuses. He wants you to know how miserable he is. You gotta do something, Doc.


  • Should Diabetics Eat Bagels?
    [Health-and-Fitness:Diabetes] Should bagels be added to the list of foods diabetics should avoid? Isn’t it bad enough to ban birthday cake and chocolate cream pie?


  • 5 Diabetic Foods to Enjoy
    [Health-and-Fitness:Diabetes] As a diabetic, are you doomed to a diet of broccoli and broiled fish? Is there no way to enjoy food without your sugar skyrocketing? One goal of diabetes treatment is to maintain blood sugars within reasonable limits. But patients and doctors alike forget that it’s not just about the numbers. The aim is to live a longer and more satisfying life.


  • Weight Loss – 5 Tips For Success (For Men Only)
    [Health-and-Fitness:Weight-Loss] Weight loss: what works for women doesn’t necessarily work for men. Compared to women, men rarely seek professional advice when it comes to weight loss. And if they do, they certainly aren’t going to be bothered with the food pyramid or counting calories. What works for men and what doesn’t?



  • Does Sugar Really Make You Fat?
    [Health-and-Fitness:Obesity] Can sugar contribute to obesity? Yes. Can a person eat a lot of sugar and remain thin? Also yes. Plenty of thin people eat a diet high in refined sugar.


  • Cat Bites – Dangers and Disease
    [Health-and-Fitness] Myth: You can’t get a disease from a bite from your own cat. Fact: Anyone can get an infection from any cat bite. Cats carry a germ called Pasteurella multocida in their mouths, a bacterium that can cause severe infections in humans. Both humans and animals have a mouthful of germs, but normally the body’s own immune system keeps them in their place.


  • Heart Attack Or Indigestion?
    [Health-and-Fitness:Heart-Disease] You’re at a party, sipping a beer, when suddenly you experience chest pain. You look around, embarrassed, wondering if you should go to the ER or hide in the bathroom. Is it a heart attack or too much hot sauce? Chest pain experienced as a result of an acid reflux problem can feel exactly like that of a heart attack. The pain is often mid-chest, though can be off to the left.


  • 3 Allergy Medications That Help, Not Hurt
    [Health-and-Fitness:Allergies] Allergies: is the treatment worse than the problem? For many allergy sufferers, it’s a toss-up. Antihistamines help the itch but put you to sleep.


  • The Dangers of Morbid Obesity
    [Health-and-Fitness:Obesity] Morbid obesity. The very name suggests a sinister affliction. Synonyms for morbid abound: bleak, grim, cheerless, dismal, foreboding, joyless, morose, ominous, and hopeless. No wonder people are offended to be diagnosed with a condition suggesting such grisly unwholesomeness. Medically speaking, however, the word ‘morbid’ denotes a condition that has progressed to the level of unhealthiness or disease.


  • When Heartburn Isn’t Heartburn
    [Health-and-Fitness:Heartburn-and-Acid-Reflux] It’s just heartburn. There’s no need to worry. Or is there? Most people who diagnose themselves with heartburn are correct. Heartburn, or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), is usually experienced as a burning sensation in the chest.



  • Snuffing Out Heartburn Forever!
    [Health-and-Fitness:Heartburn-and-Acid-Reflux] It’s not as easy as drowning a fire, but it is possible. In most people heartburn is due to a combination of factors, many of which are under your direct control. The key to eliminating heartburn forever is modifying as many of these factors as possible. A person interested in a permanent cure for heartburn is probably dealing with the problem on a regular basis.



  • How to Treat Ringworm
    [Health-and-Fitness:Diseases] Ringworm: not a worm, but often a ring. In humans, the fungal infection that causes ringworm usually starts as a small red or pink patch that expands outward.


  • Diabetes – 5 Tips to Get Your Sugar Under Control
    [Health-and-Fitness:Diabetes] Are you one of the many diabetics who has trouble getting your blood sugar under control? Is your doctor unhappy with your A1C readings no matter what you do? Odds are, the situation isn’t as hopeless as it seems. Given sufficient information and motivation, every Type II diabetic can bring their results in line with current recommendations.


  • Diabetes – 5 Tips to Eat Sugar Wisely
    [Health-and-Fitness:Diabetes] Say you’re diabetic but have a sweet tooth. Are you doomed to a lifetime of deprivation, watching others enjoy but never partaking yourself? The surprising answer is no – at least for many Type II diabetics. The reality is that most diabetics do eat sugar – and then feel guilty about it. Although as a physician I encourage my patients to avoid sweets and refined carbohydrates, I’m well aware that many do not.


  • Diabetes – 5 Ways to Save Money on Medicine
    [Health-and-Fitness:Diabetes] Are you struggling to make ends meet due to the cost of medication? Would you rather spend $50 on an evening out than on a drug co-pay? Here are 5 ways to keep your hard-earned money in your pocket.


  • Diabetics – Are You a Heart Attack Waiting to Happen?
    [Health-and-Fitness:Diabetes] Diabetes is sneaky. Most patients feel fine, even with their blood sugar 50-100 points too high. But behind the scenes, much is happening. By the time a person is diagnosed with diabetes, the risk of having a heart attack has already soared as high as that of a person who has already suffered one. And sometimes a diabetic has already had a heart attack without even knowing.


  • Diabetes and Yeast Infections – 5 Things Every Diabetic Should Know
    [Health-and-Fitness:Diabetes] As a result of high blood sugar levels and immune system dysfunction, diabetics are prone to more frequent and more serious infections than non-diabetic persons. Among these infections, yeast ranks among the most common and in fact sometimes leads to the diagnosis of diabetes. Is this dangerous? Is there anything a person can do about the situation?


  • Diabetes and Sex
    [Health-and-Fitness:Diabetes] Where to begin? The most common question I encounter as a family physician is the problem of erectile Where to begin? The most common question I encounter as a family physician is the problem of erectile dysfunction related to diabetes. With all the television advertisements on “ED” more patients are speaking up. Is Viagra the answer?


  • Can a Person Become Un-Diabetic?
    [Health-and-Fitness:Diabetes] Yes and no. More people could become un-diabetic than ever succeed in doing so. Other people really don’t stand a chance. Which are you? Before going on, what does it mean to become un-diabetic?


  • Symptoms of the Onset of Diabetes
    [Health-and-Fitness:Diabetes] The most common symptom my patients have of the onset of diabetes is: none! Most of my patients are adults who I see on a regular basis, many of whom receive blood testing periodically. Patients who are at risk for diabetes – who are overweight or have a family history of diabetes – are often diagnosed on routine blood tests done for other reasons.


  • Can Therapy Help With Depression?
    [Health-and-Fitness:Depression] Yes – BUT… it may not work as quickly as medicine and it may not work every time. If you see a medical doctor for depression the first thing your physician will want to do is rule out other causes.


  • Why Diabetics Should Avoid Certain Foods
    [Health-and-Fitness:Diabetes] Why should a diabetic avoid any food other than sugar? Of course, foods in the sugar group include candy, soda, cookies, brownies, cake, donuts, pie, ice cream, sports drinks, punch, sweetened fruit juices, high-fructose corn syrup, and anything similar I may have omitted. Eating these foods raises the blood sugar quickly, in a matter of minutes.


  • 5 Diabetic Foods to Avoid
    [Health-and-Fitness:Diabetes] If a food says it’s “diabetic”, does that mean it’s safe for diabetics to consume indiscriminately? Labels can be misleading, and just because a food is low in sugar or simple carbohydrates, doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Here are 5 diabetic foods to avoid – and why.


  • Grief – Finding Your Way to Hope
    [Home-and-Family:Death-Dying] Unless you’ve experienced it first-hand, true grief is incomprehensible. Sure, everyone understands unhappiness, possibly even misery. But until you’ve gone through gut-wrenching loss and subsequent recovery, you cannot speak about grief knowledgeably. Some might disagree. I might have myself – as an overeducated medical student who equated knowledge with wisdom.


  • Foods to Include in a Diabetic Diet
    [Health-and-Fitness:Diabetes] It’s easy to say what a diabetic shouldn’t eat: sugars, simple carbohydrates, alcoholic beverages. Sometimes it seems that all the tasty foods are forbidden – pizza, donuts, cake, ice cream, brownies, etc. Is a diabetic doomed to a diet of broccoli and broiled fish? Not at all. For the most part, people can eat normal foods – but wisely. The biggest problem diabetics have is consuming too many calories.


  • Should I Consult a Doctor If I Have a Cold?
    [Health-and-Fitness] A cold can make a person thoroughly miserable. What’s worse than having a stuffy head and drippy nose, along with perhaps a cough, headache, or sore throat? Lots of things of course, but when you’re suffering from a cold it’s hard to think about those worse off.


  • How Dangerous is Chlamydia?
    [Health-and-Fitness:Diseases-STDs] If you’ve been diagnosed or exposed to chlamydia, you may be wondering, just how dangerous is it? Will it keep coming back, like herpes? Can it cause brain damage, like syphilis?



  • 3 Tips For Curing Diarrhea
    [Health-and-Fitness:Home-Health-Care] The secret to curing diarrhea lies in recognizing the underlying cause. Probably 95% of the time diarrhea is due to an intestinal virus. There is no medicinal cure, as such, for intestinal viruses. Your body will clear the infection on its own, given enough time – usually a few to several days.


  • How to Stop Breastfeeding Without Pain
    [Womens-Interests] For working mothers breastfeeding can be a dilemma – and a painful one at that. We all know nursing is good for our babies. Many working mothers try to breastfeed as long as possible before returning to work, often 3 to 6 months.


  • 10 Foods Diabetics Should Avoid
    [Health-and-Fitness:Diabetes] Most diabetics know to avoid sugar. It only makes sense: if your blood sugar is too high you shouldn’t complicate the situation by ingesting more of the same.


  • The Dangers of Popping a Zit
    [Health-and-Fitness:Acne] Can popping a zit kill you? Theoretically, yes. So can crossing the street. Of course, in 20+ years as a family physician I’ve never seen this happen. I hate to admit it, but I’ve popped my own zits on quite a few occasions and lived to tell about it. I’ve even jaywalked a time or two.


  • Foods Which Cure Hard Stools
    [Health-and-Fitness:Alternative] Everyone suffers from constipation now and then. But what do you do if it’s a daily occurrence?


  • How to Cure Pubic Lice
    [Health-and-Fitness:Medicine] To cure pubic lice for good you have to get serious. Treating yourself is easy – but not enough. Since pubic lice is considered a sexually transmitted disease, you must treat your partner as well or you’ll get it right back. A person could have pubic lice and not even know it, so don’t call your partner a liar if he or she insists they are clean.


  • Online Pharmacies – Beware! 7 Reasons Why Local is Safer
    [Health-and-Fitness:Medicine] Why would a person want to use an online pharmacy? As a family physician, I can only think of a few reasons – but I can think of lots of reasons not to. Learn why it’s safer and often cheaper to buy locally.


  • Online Coupons – A Smart Way of Cutting Down Your Health Care Expenses
    [Health-and-Fitness] Do you go out of your way to cut out a 50 cent coupon for bananas or baked beans? Do you search online for the best deal on laundry detergent or fabric softener? Sure, these coupons can save you a few bucks a month – maybe even fifty, if you’re conscientious about it. But what if you could save $50 with a single coupon? Now that makes sense, and takes much less time.


  • 5 Signs of Depression You Should Look Out For
    [Health-and-Fitness:Depression] Depression isn’t just a bad feeling. It’s also a problem with how a person functions. Often I tell my patients that I don’t think depression is the correct term to use – perhaps serotonin deficiency syndrome would be more accurate, or neurotransmitter imbalance syndrome.


  • The Dangers of Not Treating a Yeast Infection
    [Health-and-Fitness:Medicine] Are there dangers in not treating a yeast infection? It’s a curious question: it presupposes that you know you have one. For the purposes of this article I will deal with vaginal yeast infections only. So how do you know if you have a yeast infection? One way to know is if you have the same symptoms as before when you were correctly diagnosed by your doctor.


  • Home Remedies of Strep Throat
    [Health-and-Fitness:Medicine] Are there home remedies for strep throat? That depends on what you mean. There are many ways to decrease the symptoms of strep throat, but none to cure it. Strep throat is a specific type of sore throat caused by the Group A Streptococcus. Some patients become very ill with this infection, whereas others have no sore throat at all!


  • Breastfeeding – 5 Ways it Will Save You Money
    [Home-and-Family:Pregnancy] To breastfeed or not to breastfeed – that is the question. What pregnant woman hasn’t considered the possibility? Certainly the medical field is in favor of breastfeeding. Both the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend breastfeeding infants exclusively for the first 6 months. But what about the cost?


  • Getting Rid of Heartburn – What NOT to Take
    [Health-and-Fitness:Diseases] You’d be surprised at the remedies people try to relieve heartburn. Don’t make these same mistakes yourself. Here’s a list of things NOT to take – and the reasons why.



  • Cure For a Dry Cough
    [Health-and-Fitness:Medicine] What’s the cure for a dry cough? First we should define a dry cough. A “dry cough” does not produce sputum, or phlegm coughed up from the chest. Beyond that, a dry cough may be caused by a number of conditions. Probably the most common cause of a so-called dry cough is a tickle in the throat.


  • What’s the Meaning of Blood in My Poop?
    [Health-and-Fitness:Diseases] What does it mean if I see blood in my poop? First, don’t get scared. At least for younger people, the reason is not always serious. It could be hemorrhoids, it could be medicine you’re taking, it could be colitis, and (usually in older people) it could be cancer.


  • Cold Sores – What is the Best Medicine?
    [Health-and-Fitness:Medicine] Cold sores – those nasty, crusty, painful sores that pop out uninvited. How can you get rid of the ugly buggers? And how can you keep them from coming back?


  • Doctor Visits – 5 Tips to Help You Save Money
    [Health-and-Fitness:Medicine] Why do uninsured patients pay more for doctor visits? Aside from not having health insurance, it’s because they don’t know the system. Uninsured patients don’t know that everyone else is getting a discount. A family physician offers 5 tips to save money on doctor visits.


  • Surviving Spring and Summer Allergies
    [Health-and-Fitness:Allergies] Do you plan your day according to the pollen count? Does the sight of a flowering tree fill you with dread? Though warm weather bids us outside, those who suffer from allergies are hesitant to accept the invitation. Is a stroll in the sun worth a sinus headache? Will your eyes itch for a week after a walk in the park?


  • Save Money on Health Care – Seven Proverbs to Help You Get a Discount From Your Doctor
    [Finance:Personal-Finance] Doctors give discounts everyday – but how does a person go about getting one? A family physician explains how to save money on doctor’s fees, starting with “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” – meaning: Speak up – you’ll never get a discount if you don’t ask. Your doctor is likely unaware of your financial situation. Help yourself by letting him know.

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