Armageddon Medicine – What’s in the book?



2011-10-18_front_JPGYes . . . if you are concerned about economic collapse.

Yes . . . if you’re worried about drug shortages.

Yes . . . if you believe 2016 may bring an end to life as we know it.

Yes . . . if you want the HUNDREDS of BENEFITS listed below.

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What follows is a small fraction of the benefits you will gain from Armageddon Medicine, an Instruction Manual.

116 BENEFITS for 2016

– all explained in Armageddon Medicine

001. Worried about treating your child’s strep throat?Be confident treating your children on your own.

002. And can you diagnose it without a doctor?Learn the facts and how to minimize the risk for rheumatic fever.

003. Can your diabetic mother survive without her insulin? – Learn how to prepare – and possibly save her life.

004. Can you test your blood sugar when glucose monitors die and diabetic test monitors disappear? – Yes, learn how.

005. How can you tell smallpox from chicken pox? – Learn the facts and spare your family.

006. When you son gashes his leg on a rusty nail, can you suture him on your own? Step-by-step instructions to do it yourself.

007. When does taping a laceration work as well as suturing? – Learn how to treat like a doctor would.

008. What sort of wound requires antibiotics? – Understand when to spare your limited supply.

009. Which antibiotics should you use, and why, and for how long? – Answers for 100’s of common problems.

010. If your daughter’s allergic to penicillin, what antibiotics are unlikely to cause a reaction? – Learn your options to prepare accordingly.

011. Who should get a rabies vaccine? – Learn who, what, when, where, why.

012. Are there herbal treatments for asthma? – Be confident treating your son’s asthma attack on your own.

013. Without birth control pills, do you understand natural birth control? – Understand your cycle and when to abstain.

014. Is cervical cancer preventable at TEOTWAWKI? Who’s at risk? Who may die? – How to analyze your options.

015. Which is better for a coughing child, honey or guaifenesin? – Learn what is best to soothe your suffering child.

016. How can you treat pain effectively without narcotics? – Be prepared with effective alternatives.

017. How much potassium iodide should you give your children when the next nuclear meltdown occurs? – Understand whom and when to treat.

018. And how long should you give keep giving KI, if there’s no one to tell you? – How to decide treatment when you’re on your own.

019. Should hypothyroid patients take prophylactic potassium iodide in the event of nuclear fall-out? – Learn the risks and how to accommodate.

020. If you don’t have Silvadene to treat a burn, what can you use? And how can you prevent infection? – Be confident treating first- and second-degree burns as a doctor would.

021. Is your own doctor likely to answer these questions for you?Answers to hundreds of questions your doctor won’t address.

022. What are fish antibioitics? What would your doctor say about these? – Learn more than your doctor knows.

023. Are they safe for humans? How can you know? – Understand how to determine what is and isn’t safe.

024. And should you seek them out? Are they even effective? – All you need to know to treat hundreds of infections.

025. Do you know how to get your doctor to help you stockpile medicine? Learn what you can do now to help yourself then.

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026. What sort of doctor is likely to help you prep?

027. What does the future hold if or when society collapses? Are you prepared to care for yourself?

028. Can you treat your granny if she breaks a bone in her back?

029. Does a fractured humerus (upper arm) require a cast?

030. How can you relieve gout without prescriptioion colchicine or Indocin?

031. Do you have a back-up pair of glasses, and do you know where to buy extras cheap, for the whole family?

032. If food is scare, will your grandfather develop dementia? Can you prevent it?

033. Is your child likely to develop rickets without vitamin D milk? Is eating eggshells safe?

034. Has your doctor ever seen a case of scurvy or beriberi and could you diagnose it yourself?

035. Will a case of C. diff kill you without metronidazole? Is there any way to treat it without a doctor?

036. Can veterinary worm medicine be used on humans? What sorts of worms?

037. Can maggot therapy save your life? And where can you find them if you need them?

038. Can you tell if it’s a stroke or Bell’s palsy without a CAT scan? Are the treatments the same?

039. Is prescription Antivert better than Bonine for vomiting and vertigo?

040. What might bioterrorism with botulism look like? Who’s most at risk of dying?

041. How can you tell if it’s bronchitis or pneumonia? Does it even matter?

042. How do you treat bronchitis versus pneumonia? Is there any difference?

043. What about influenza? Are you immune? Do antibiotics ever help?

044. Does your child with an earache need an antibiotic? Are home remedies ever effective?

045. Can you tell if it’s swimmer’s ear or a middle ear infection? Do OTC treatments work?

046. When is it safe to irrigate an ear and when can you cause permanent damage?

047. Can foot fractures be treated without an X-ray? What about a cast?

048. When could back pain kill you? And when is it of little concern?

049. How do you diagnose a concussion? When can a minor head injury kill you?

050. Could your teenage daughter become anemic and need a transfusion? But what if there aren’t any?

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051. Is a person with COPD doomed? Is there any way to prepare?

052. When is leg swelling serious? Might a blood clot travel to the lungs?

053. What’s the difference between normal edema and lymphedema? Is the treatment any different?

054. What IV solution is best for dehydration when electrolyte imbalance is likely?

055. How can you make your own electrolyte solution? Can this spare your life?

056. How rapidly can you die from cholera? What’s the best way to monitor the illness?

057. Should cholera patients take antibiotics? As a caregiver, are you at risk?

058. What is the best antibiotic for traveler’s diarrhea? And what if you have no antibiotics?

059. When should you use Imodium and when should you not slow down diarrhea?

060. What are your options without Celebrex? Must you just put up with the pain?

061. Can over-the-counter medicine ever cure an ulcer? Can they cause one?

062. How can you treat GERD (reflux) without Nexium or Prilosec?

063. If you fear you won’t sleep well at TEOTWAWKI, is there anything you can do?

064. If you no longer can drive and must walk, will you develop a march fracture, and how can you treat it?

065. Can adults get whooping cough? How is it treated?

066. Who may die of pneumonia without the pneumonia vaccine? Should everyone receive the vaccine?

067. Should you spend $200 on a shingles vaccine? Is there any treatment?

068. What are the best antibiotics to stockpile? And how can you get them?

069. When is a urine infection a kidney infection? Can such an infection be lethal?

070. How much food should you stockpile for your family? How much protein? Calcium? Vitamins?

071. Can hypothermia kill you faster than the plague? Which is more important?

072. How much water does the body really need? How can you tell if you’re getting enough?

073. Does a 10-pound baby need as much water as a 100-pound adult?

074. How much medicine will your doctor prescribe for you to stockpile? Any? Enough?

075. If your medicine is quite expensive, are there affordable alternatives?

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076. Should you bother to treat high cholesterol at TEOTWAWKI? High blood pressure? Diabetes?

077. Will type 2 diabetics die without metformin? Are there OTC alternatives?

078. Can atrial fibrillation be treated without Coumadin? Is a stroke inevitable?

079. Should a friendly stranger be welcomed into your home or group? Could it endanger your family?

080. What’s the difference between quarantine and isolation? Are you prepared for either?

081. How long should medical quarantine continue? In what circumstances, and why?

082. What is your responsibility toward your unprepared neighbor? Are you prepared to help? Or to say no?

083. How can you prepare safe drinking water from a murky pond?

084. Does filtration kill giardia in water? Is chlorine better? Or iodine?

085. Can you diagnose giardiasis without a doctor? Can you treat it without a prescription?

085. What’s the difference between roundworms and pinworms, and how do you treat each?

086. When is a spider bite not a spider bite? Are antibiotics always necessary?

087. Does a rat bite require antibiotics? Are rabies likely?

088. What about a cat bite? And is it different than cat scratch fever?

089. When should a dog bite be sutured closed? When should it be left open?

090. Should a nursing mother take potassium iodide in the event of nuclear fallout?

091. Should a mother stop breast feeding if she has mastitis? Will your baby get infected?

092. When is abdominal pain dangerous? How can you tell the difference?

093. When can antibiotics help a stomachache?

094. How much pain medicine should you take for an injured knee?

095 What over-the-counter medicines help stomach pain caused by ibuprofen or aspirin?

096. How can you tell if leg pain is really coming from the back? How can it be treated?

097. When can antibiotics make diarrhea worse, or even kill you?

098. How long should a new mother nurse her baby? Are there any risks?

099. Should you use your limited store of antibiotics to treat your father’s prostate infection for a month?

100. Can low thyroid patients treat their own condition without a doctor?

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101. If you use the wrong antibiotic, will your child worsen – and what can you do about it?

102. Is it legal to be your own doctor? How about treating your children? Your friends?

103. What sexually transmitted diseases should you worry about? Are you at risk? Should you prepare?

104. How can you treat a kidney stone on your own?

105. What can you use for pain when narcotics are unavailable?

106. What should you assemble for a post-Armageddon medical kit?

108. What other resources would you recommend?

109. How can you tell one terrible rash from another?

110. How can you treat a bee sting reaction without a doctor or hospital?

111. Should every tick bite be treated?

112. Will this information do you any good if you don’t read it and act on it?

113. Can you treat anxiety without Xanax or Ativan?

114. Is any herbal medicine as effective as a prescription drug?

115. Can you be confident in your medical treatment if you’re not a health professional?

116. Where can you find the supplies you need?

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About Cynthia J. Koelker, MD

CYNTHIA J KOELKER , MD is a board-certified family physician with over twenty years of clinical experience. A member of American Mensa, Dr. Koelker holds degrees in biology, humanities, medicine, and music from M.I.T., Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, and the University of Akron. She served in the National Health Service Corps to finance her medical education.
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8 Responses to Armageddon Medicine – What’s in the book?

  1. Satori says:

    Absolutely love your book Dr. Cindy. You are a tremendous asset to “preppers” everywhere. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this project.

    I’m a long time RN and as I read through Armageddon Medicine, I did so with a professional eye and I can say that as a fellow health care professional, this belongs in the library of EVERY prepper.

  2. Wolf says:

    I received the book, CDs, and sample forms last week. The package is AWESOME! Doc Cindy writes in a straight forward, direct style, and does a great job of making concepts and procedures very clear. She provides the benefits and limitations of her suggested treatments and strategies. At the end of each chapter, Doc Cindy provides a list of suggested preparation tasks and supplies to obtain – this makes a great summary. Finally, the appendicies list PAGES of additional resources and supplemental texts. Her final section is a multi-page list of suggested supplies and drugs, with quantities specified for various size groups.
    This package is a bargain! Doc Cindy, you have done us a great service by writing the book and producing the CDs. Thank you!

  3. RR says:

    Will this book be available as ebook too?

    [Possibly – but it will require reformatting. Check back again in a few months. Thanks for asking. – Doc Cindy]

  4. Greg says:

    I ordered my paperback copy back in late December 2011. Is there a way to order the “extras” that you now offer at a discount? I would have purchased this if it was offered back then. Thanks and keep up the good work. I’m expecting my copy to arrive any day now.

    [Thanks, Greg. The additional items have been added for sale at a great discount. CLICK HERE to check them out (then scroll to bottom to find Kit MINUS Book). – Doc Cindy]

  5. Craig says:

    Well, finally got my copy in the mail today, excellent job on the book Doc, I will be recommending to all my prepper friends. Well written and very informative.

  6. Craig says:

    well, ordered it yesterday (Christmas for myself, lol), looking forward to getting it

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