If you’ve noticed the lack of advertising, you may wonder how this site is funded.

As long as feasible, I’m hoping to keep this site free of commercial interests.  The only ads you’ll see are those for my own books and related products.  What you find on this site represents thousands of hours of serious work, largely uncompensated.  I appreciate your support of Armageddon Medicine through the purchase of these products.

Thank you to all my readers and contributors.

Doc Cindy

2 Responses to Advertising?

  1. kelley says:

    Thank you for your time and humanity. If things go bad, as JR and others suggest (myself included), then your site will have saved many thousands if not tens of thousands of lives and if not then you’ll have to content yourself with saving just thousands of lives and making millions better prepared to face the future with real world skills/knowledge.

    God bless and you yours. We are forever in your debt.

  2. Thomas D says:

    I’ve been waiting for your latest book, Arm Med, for awhile. Thanks to S.B. for the notice. Thanks doc,
    Tom RN

    [And thank you, Tom, for your kind words. – Doc Cindy]

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