What a find! Don’t miss this FREE BOOK!

Sound like an advertising blitz?

Well, it isn’t.

Recently I ordered some books to use in conjunction with my Survival Medicine classes.  Among them is Practical Plastic Surgery for Nonsurgeons by Nadine Semer, MD.  When including her book as a reference, I bothered to look her up on the web.  Lo and behold, she has a website where she offers her book as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

Please, please, please, take advantage of this opportunity.

The book is not just about plastic surgery.  She’s not talking nose jobs and breast implants.

For example, some chapter titles include the following:

  • Suturing:  The Basics
  • Local Anesthesia
  • Gunshot Wounds
  • Facial Lacerations
  • Burns
  • Evaluating the Injured Hand
  • . . . and 33 more chapters

The book is written at a level the layman can understand and, as the title suggests, is extremely practical.  The medical advice is first rate.  (I wish I’d written the book myself, but I’m not a plastic surgeon and don’t have her experience).

What more can I say to encourage you to click on over and check it out?  Stop reading this and do it now!  If you didn’t notice the links above, click the book image below.

Thank you, Dr. Semer, for your excellent contribution!  God bless you and your work.

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About Cynthia J. Koelker, MD

CYNTHIA J KOELKER , MD is a board-certified family physician with over twenty years of clinical experience. A member of American Mensa, Dr. Koelker holds degrees in biology, humanities, medicine, and music from M.I.T., Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, and the University of Akron. She served in the National Health Service Corps to finance her medical education.
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5 Responses to What a find! Don’t miss this FREE BOOK!

  1. pa4ortho says:

    This is a reprint of my post at:

    here are some of the downloadable text resources I make available on thumb drive when I teach an austere complex definative wound care class.

    skin grafting and complex definitive wound care resources

    nice little article on skin grafting, detailed sections on technique, pinch or punch grafting, discusses improvised razor blade use for split thickness grafting. Alternate techniques for meshing grafts.

    I suspect we will see a lot of nasty wounds and burns. Having a Humby knife will be a valuable tool.

    Improvised wound vac is also a big deal.

    another great free download on the subject

    wound care, enjoy

    for you hard core skin grafting flap shifting zealots this is a nice set of free resources.

    FYI for off grid use, a Barns and Noble Nook can display the text quite well, and uses almost no power. A tiny goal zero solar panel on the back with a usb port will keep it running easily.
    Pics look better on a laptop with color though.


  2. Copisetic says:

    I have been studying Herbal Medicine for about six years. As a microbiology major in college I have a little insight of the workings of various bacteria.
    When the females in my family were getting recurring UTI infections I developed a protocol
    To help with the infections. I found out that most cranberry based produces are to diluted to do anything, so I approached this from both a knowledge of the specific bacteria and physiological body systems. Below is a protocol that works.

    1. Potassium citrate (it changes the PH. of the bladder fluids). Certain bacteria will not replicate out side of certain PH ranges.

    2. D-Manose and L-Manose, these are simple sugars derived from fructose. They bind to
    Certain proteins on bacteria and keep them from binding to cell walls in the bladder.
    It keeps the bacteria in suspension.

    3. Uvi ersi, the compounds in this are bactericidal.
    Buchu, other compounds that inhibit bacteria.

    4.Celery seed extract, a natural diuretic,

    5. Marshmallow, a urinary tract soother.

    What these herbals do is this.
    The Potassium Citrate changes PH to help halt the replication of the bacteria, the Manose keeps the bacteria in suspension, the botanicals start to work on killing the bacteria, the Celery seed extract encourages the bladder to expel fluids faster and the Marshmallow helps to sooth the urinary tract.

    I call this the COPE protocal.

    Good luck

  3. Chuck says:

    Thank you, Dr. Semer, for your contribution! As an emergency responder for 35 yrs., still working and responding to all kinds of trauma whether it be massive, GSW’s, etc. I find this book very informative & could be of help should SHTF ever happen. Again Thank you!

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