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Cholera – Lessons from Haiti

Haiti had not experienced a cholera epidemic in over a century. The January 2010 earthquake changed that. In the wake of the destruction and misery, cholera paid a visit.  By October 2010 an epidemic had been identified.  By six weeks later 91,770 cases … Continue reading

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Week 8 – Question of the Week: What diseases will surface when society is disrupted?

Week 8:  2011-04-28  Today I’m asking our professionals to weigh in on a question posed by Dan, one of our readers and contributors:    What diseases would likely show up with a disruption of life as we know it?  Haiti saw a marked … Continue reading

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Medical Quarantine – Protecting Your Family from Infection

Plague.  Yellow fever.  Cholera.  Diphtheria.    Diseases which evoke images of death and despair.   Though less likely to transmit a fatal illness, would you open your door to someone with hepatitis, strep throat, or methacillin-resistant staph?  What about a person … Continue reading

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