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Curious Message from the AMA

At least for now, things are looking bad for doctors treating Medicare patients, with a nearly 30% pay cut coming January 2012, unless Congress intervenes. So the AMA has been sending messages to doctors about our options for 2012, including … Continue reading

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Radiation disaster – is the U.S. ready?

In a word: NO. In light of the recent Japanese nuclear disaster, the American Medical Association has issued a special report on Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness.  Ordinarily this publication would be reserved for dues-paying AMA members, but the … Continue reading

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Skilled Tradesmen as Public Health Experts: Or, why you should make friends with a good plumber…

The following is another post by our friend Pete Farmer,  who holds advanced degrees in research biology and history, and is also an RN and EMT. January 4, 2011     If you are at all interested in medical preparedness and … Continue reading

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Medication stockpiling – what the government is doing

   There’s little sense in my duplicating information that is already out there.   So I’ve been looking around, seeing what the government is doing to stockpile medication.  I had assumed we have national stockpiles, but had never really checked into … Continue reading

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