Survival Medicine Workshops


*  2016 Survival Medicine Classes *

New!  No prerequisite for any class




Survival Medicine 101

DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED  Ultimate Prepper Training in Richfield, OH

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For class information or to register, CLICK HERE.

Survival Medicine 102


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Survival Medicine 201


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Suturing & Minor Surgery

This is taken from Day 2 of Survival Medicine 101


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* CLICK HERE for a detailed PDF of Survival Medicine Class Descriptions *

See below for brief class descriptions.

* CLICK HERE for a detailed PDF of Survival Medicine Class Descriptions *

Survival Medicine 101 (open to all)


NEXT CLASS TBA Ultimate Prepper Training in Richfield, OH

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DATES TBA in Akron, OH

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  • Suturing and minor surgery
  • Splinting and casting
  • Labs and clinical procedures
  • Bioterrorism and radiation exposure
  • Antibiotics and infection
  • Treatment of chronic disease

Survival Medicine 102 (open to all)


DATES TBA in Akron, OH

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  • Triage, quarantine, and isolation
  • Childbirth, labor, and delivery
  • Poisonings
  • Adult and childhood emergencies
  • Herbal remedies
  • Do-it-yourself dentistry

Survival Medicine 201 (open to all)



DATES TBA in Akron, OH

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CLICK HERE for dates and information

  • Fracture diagnosis and treatment
  • Casting for special situations – Part 1
  • *** Long arm cast, sugartong splint, thumb spica and ulnar gutter splints
  • Treating open fractures
  • Suturing for special situations – Part 1
  • *** Facial and pediatric lacerations, ear, lip, & scalp, advanced suture patterns
  • Field training – suturing under realistic conditions
  • Major trauma
  • *** Bullet wounds and bullet removal
  • *** Chest wounds
  • and much more

Survival Medicine 202 (open to all)

DATES TBA 2016 Survival Medicine 201 Class

CLICK HERE for dates and information

  • Casting for special situations – Part 2
  • *** Long leg cast, hand fractures, plaster vs. fiberglass, pediatric fractures
  • Fractures that are difficult to cast
  • Principles of traction
  • Dislocations
  • Suturing for special situations – Part 2
  • *** Flap lacerations, dog ear repair, layer closure, subcuticular sutures
  • RFID chip removal
  • Childbirth laceration, episiotomy and repair
  • Burn treatment
  • Major trauma
  • *** Emergency tracheotomy
  • *** Head wounds
  • *** Neck injuries
  • *** Back injuries
  • *** Abdominal injuries
  • and much more

About Cynthia J. Koelker, MD

CYNTHIA J KOELKER , MD is a board-certified family physician with over twenty years of clinical experience. A member of American Mensa, Dr. Koelker holds degrees in biology, humanities, medicine, and music from M.I.T., Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, and the University of Akron. She served in the National Health Service Corps to finance her medical education.
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17 Responses to Survival Medicine Workshops

  1. Barry D says:

    Will you be offering workshops in Washington State? We would love to have you!

    [Hi Barry, I’d love to come to Washington . . . but need someone to help organize. I’ve emailed you separately about this.]

  2. Moonie says:

    Could I get information on the 101 class in St. Mary’s please?

  3. Jerry says:

    Sorry,- that was 101 & 201 classes in St Mary’s !!!

  4. Jerry says:

    My wife and I will be attending your 101 & 102 classes in St Mary’s in late January. Please send sign in details.

  5. Missy says:

    I am considering signing up for your Dec. 5-7 class in VA. and bringing my two older sons. We live in West Tn and my only reservation is the weather and travel. If the weather hampers our travel will lose out on the class or can we reschedule when the class is offered again?


  6. Renee says:

    Hi, I’d love to take classes but I am in California. Are there any plans on a class out west? Also, is there a place to stay if I was to go out there? I can’t think of a any other options.

  7. KD B says:

    Doc Cindy,

    I’m from Alabama & saw where you had a class last January in Myrtle Beach – are you planning on that again next January or sometime in the near future? Ohio is a bit of a drive from AL & flying is too cost prohibitive.

    Thanks so much for all you do!

    [Hoping to be in South Georgia again in January!]

  8. S. Post says:

    Thank you, Dr. Cindy, for keeping me on the mailing list until I could find a class date that would work for us. I have signed my husband up for the 9/11-13 class and both of us up for the homesteading class on 9/14. (Due to physical and financial limitations, I will not be attending your class with him) We would like to buy your Armageddon Medicine book and wondered if we could save shipping if we purchase it at the class – will you have some available? Thanks for all you do. See you in September.

    [Doc Cindy replies: (also see my email to you) We do have books available at the class, and other items for sale on this site.]

  9. bella says:

    Hi, I am a RN for 12 years and very interested in taking this course for September. Is it possible to walk or take a taxi from the nearest hotel to the class site since I will be coming from NYC without a car ( I know, I know….bad place to be). I think that this is a great educational opportunity and appreciate you taking the time to teach it. Thanks and keep it up.



    [Reply from Doc Cindy: Things are more spread out here, so a rental car is the best option. If this is a problem for future classes, please write me at DocCindy{at}ArmageddonMedicine[dot]net.]

  10. Terry W. says:

    How can I get on your email list for future medical classes for non-physicians?
    Thank you, Terry

    [Sign up for our email list on my home page at and you’ll be notified of future classes.]

    [Upcoming classes are posted at

    – Doc Cindy

  11. GaPharmD says:

    Do you know of anyone doing classes like this further south? I would love to attend, but it’s so far away.

    [Sorry, I do not, but I am considering doing some travel in the future. It would help if someone local handled logistics, such as finding a room and assuring a certain number of attendees, as I would have to take time away from my practice. Please contact me if this is a possibility. – Doc Cindy]

  12. Pamela T says:

    I want to register for the class but I am wondering what the course materials will be. Is it the Armageddon Medicine book? Will it have the cds? Or do I have to purchase these items separately?

    [The course materials are in addition to what’s in the book and CDs. Course materials include casting, suturing, and lab materials, as well as many handouts. It would be helpful if you procure the Armageddon Medicine book and CDs, but this is not mandatory for any class or workshop. Thanks for asking – Doc Cindy]

    • Pamela T says:

      I registered for the class and the homestead class. I really look forward to being there.

      [Thanks Pam, I’ve sent you a confirmation email.]

  13. Dave T says:

    I have just paid in full for the class via Pay Pal and will mail the registration form.

  14. Mariansdukie says:

    Just registered 2 persons with course materials for your course. (As well as 2 persons for the homestead class) I can’t send pages 8 and 9 back till I buy another printer as mine died a couple days ago. I will not be buying a printer this week but will have it before the class and we will mail it before then or can we just bring them with us? Thank you

  15. Dennis H. says:

    My wife and I are trying to register for the June 26-28 course via Paypal, but it is not going through. We will mail the application and check today. We hope through this email you can hold our spots.
    Thank you,
    Dennis H.

    [Definitely! And thanks for the heads-up – I’ll check out the PayPal link. – Doc Cindy]

    • Raghu says:

      I too am on thyroid-but I have been switched to amour thyroid – as it has a t3 in it – but have been wondering the same thing – it would be good to stockpile, but how to do it?

      I really like Joe H.’s idea about looking into buying 6 months at a time, and working with your doctor to get a stockpile up. While I still have a thyroid – it no longer works like it used to – thanks to prescription drugs (and I still debate if keeping vision in my eye was worth it, and why the bleep the doctors and pharmacists never told me that potential effect – and it was one of those – either take this drug or go blind, no other drugs available) so I wouldn’t be quite as bad off – but you’re righ t- you either take your little pill, or die, and there is no way to change your diet to fix it.

      So as for mixing your own for the pig’s thyroid – a couple of things I have learned – always get name brand, don’t get generic, because sometimes the differences are enough to cause issues – even if it is a small difference, and supposedly the same dose. I don’t know how exactly to make it, but I had a pharmacist compound natural amour thyroid for me as we had started on the same dose I was on of other stuff, and that concentration isn’t pre-made. So I know it can be done – I know he went to special classes to learn to make natural compounds, so maybe you could find info out on making it. I would also look at switching to an amour thyroid and work with your doc to find the right dose – it will vary depending on the person as it has more than just the t-4 that the synthetics have. I also learned that for some people, they can get their standard blood tests down to the normal’ range, but still have problems. The reason is because the problem in the thyroid cycle isn’t with the t-4 production. Maybe more info than you were looking for – but if your looking for more, I am happy to share – just let me know. And if you do find out how to make the natural version- do share.

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