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Are you prepared to prevent 99% of infections?

Image via Wikipedia Infections in human beings are caused by a frightening array of microorganisms. Bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, worms, amoeba, parasites, and prions invade the human body, spreading fear and misery throughout the world.   In a very real sense, … Continue reading

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Multi-use antibiotic for stockpiling: azithromycin

In response to our first Question of the Week, KF sent this detailed information in support of her choice of the broad-spectrum antibiotic azithromycin. * * * Azithromycin in Brief Active ingredient: Azithromycin Common brand names: Zithromax, Sumamed, Azasite Drug … Continue reading

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Seven Antibiotics to Stockpile and Why – SurvivalBlog post

 The following article was written for SurvivalBlog, Friday, February 18, 2011.  The full article may be found at:   Dr. Koelker now serves as SurvivalBlog’s Medical Editor   * * * Assuming your personal physician will help you stockpile … Continue reading

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Use of silver preparations to treat infection – Part I

Image via Wikipedia    BW asks:  Have you tried or do you have any experience with Colloidal Silver for treating infections?  I’ve used it a few times and it seems to work, particularly topically, and I’ve talked to many who … Continue reading

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