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Tip of the Week

Each week Doc Cindy offers a quick tip for medical prepping in written or recorded format. Check back often for new entries. TO ACCESS ALL Tips of the Week, CLICK HERE.

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Medical Professionals – How to Join

Doctors, nurses, dentists, chiropracters, EMTs, RNs, and other health professionals. Several of you have expressed an interest in a professionals-only site, to address issues of medical preparedness possibly unsuited to the public at large. If you are interested in accessing … Continue reading

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Question of the Week

Ever wonder what your fellow preppers are thinking? Have they had the same questions as you, perhaps? CLICK HERE to read what others are saying . . . and then add your 2¢ worth as well.  The fun is in … Continue reading

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Carbohydrates and Companion Planting

Carbohydrates – we really love them, don’t we? We just don’t like what they do to us, especially when they’re consumed with abandon.  However, if food were hard to come by, we’d love eating carbs and love what they do … Continue reading

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Making the most of OTC meds – meclizine

This article begins a series on making the most of over-the-counter drugs. Usually medical questions begin with, “I have such and such a problem – what can I do for it?” Today’s approach takes the opposite tack. With a limited … Continue reading

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Clinical Laboratory Procedures under Austere Conditions: Part Va – Introduction to Doing a CBC with a Hemocytometer

If the hospital lab is down, could you tell the difference between strep throat and mononucleosis by examing a patient’s blood? Could you differentiate between viral and bacterial pneumonia? Would you be able to determine if a patient is anemic and … Continue reading

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Insulin, thyroxine, and biotech: feasible or fantasy?

Tomorrow’s headline: Hospitals Flooded with Patients Suffering Racing Hearts  – Source Traced to Bioengineered Bacteria. Can Experts Reverse the Epidemic Before More Succumb? * * * Today both KF and JW ask about an online article do-it-yourself biotech. Is it actually feasible to duplicate big … Continue reading

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Earthquakes and Ingenuity

At 1:55 p.m. EDT, just before I went out the door, my secretary asked, “Did you feel that?” At 1:57 I heard Rush Limbaugh’s stand-in say they’d felt an earthquake in New York, with reports soon following of a quake … Continue reading

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Photo Quiz Answer – Q.004

Photo Quiz Answer– Q.004 – August 12, 2011   This was an easy one. Don’t let the patient history throw you off. Though he may have been stung by a bee while camping, this problem is unrelated.  The image depicts the … Continue reading

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Week 19 – Question of the Week: Do doctors seem scared by the medical establishment?

Week 19: 2011-08-12 This week I was thinking about all the rules with which physicians must comply.  Here’s a few off the top of my head: Be licensed by state Completely annual continuing education requirements according to license and specialty … Continue reading

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