Medical Professionals – How to Join

Doctors, nurses, dentists, chiropracters, EMTs, RNs, and other health professionals.

Several of you have expressed an interest in a professionals-only site, to address issues of medical preparedness possibly unsuited to the public at large.

If you are interested in accessing the “Medical Professionals” pages, please send a brief email including your name and credentials (for example MD, DO, DDS, RN, EMT, PhD, etc., with a few details regarding experience and specialty) to:

medpros [at] armageddonmedicine [dot] net

and the current password for access will be emailed to you.  Please use typical email formatting – the above is to prevent spam.

Our network now includes hundreds of professionals willing to share with each other.  I’m always looking for informed contributors, so let me know if you’re interested in writing an aritcle for Armageddon Medicine by emailing me at the same address listed above.

The password will allow you to access PW-protected pages, but note: when posting comments, your user name will be visible to others, so consider using something anonymous such as DrBob, or Cindy, RN.

My thanks to all of you,

Doc Cindy

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About Cynthia J. Koelker, MD

CYNTHIA J KOELKER , MD is a board-certified family physician with over twenty years of clinical experience. A member of American Mensa, Dr. Koelker holds degrees in biology, humanities, medicine, and music from M.I.T., Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, and the University of Akron. She served in the National Health Service Corps to finance her medical education.
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207 Responses to Medical Professionals – How to Join

  1. 5 says:

    Family doctor for over 30 yrs. Interested in professionals only site

  2. Jim CRNA says:

    Hi, I am an RN with 35 yrs experience 15 in ICU and 20 yrs as an CRNA. I would like to be included in the professional discussion Forum, Thanks

  3. Dave Taylor says:

    Hi Doc Cindy! I would love to participate. I am a Remote Medical Specialist with over 30 years of experience. Great book and site. Thank you.

  4. Evolute says:

    Hello, I worked as a paramedic for nearly 10 years. I have been a rural PA-C specializing in emergency medicine for the last 5 years. I have been included in this dissection in the past. Do to a virus I had to change my email and have lost my password. I like to join the conversation again.

    Thank you.

  5. Dr. Facefixer says:

    I am an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon on hospital staff always helpful with research and trauma

  6. Keli says:

    LVN and Paramedic background, EMR/BLS-CPR Instructor.
    I would like to participate in this forum.

  7. CJ says:

    EMT, Wilderness FA/ACLS Instructor.
    Ski Patroller, SAR Tech
    Diving Emergency Specialist

  8. rebe says:

    I’d love access to Med Professionals section. I am an RN for years. Have worked in Public Health the last 3rd of those years. Thanks for all you do to help prepare more people.:-)

  9. Darren RN says:

    I’m certified as a Paramedic with 17 years of experience in emergency medicine; moreover, I’m a Register Nurse with 9 years of ICU and Cardiac ICU experience in a high acuity hospital.

  10. Daisy,EMT, CPR Instructor, Med Assist. says:

    Thank goodness there are other medical people out there that are concerned! Would love access.

  11. Mary Ann P, R.N. / L.M.T. says:

    I would like to join the group of healthcare providers..I am also a believer and listen to the Lord’s voice…He instructed me to start preparing for lean times about 4-5 years ago..I’m interested in what you all have to share…Blessings to you all,…MA

  12. Mark P. says:

    Public health specialist. Not a statistician, nor administration, but investigator. 6 years.
    15 years as a suicide preventions counselor.
    2 years volunteer rape and DV crisis ER responder.

  13. JIM says:

    I have to say, I’m a bit confused as to why you would create a website whose premise is to provide medical information to preppers for use during “armageddon” and then password protect the articles that would be of such important use to those you intend to help if they were faced with the prospect of a lack of medical professionals during an “armageddon” like event. By not sharing the medical knowledge in those “protected” articles you are doing no service to the prepper community. Just the opposite in fact. Just my .02

    • Hi JIM,

      Thanks for sharing your concern A number of the password-protected articles are written by professionals who are not comfortable with having the world see what they’ve written. It’s a case of “first do no harm.” For example, a surgeon might advise me, a family doc, how to remove someone’s appendix on the kitchen table, but not want a layman to try the same procedure. Doctors are well aware that what we do might hurt a person, and we’re always weighing the risks and benefits.

      The pros site was started for just this reason. Some contributors wanted to share their expertise, but limit their exposure.

      Again, my apologies if anyone is offended.

      Doc Cindy

  14. Lovenursing says:

    Nurse for 15 years, rural healthcare,

  15. Mary says:

    I am an RN with 25+ years of L&D experience, including OR and PACU. Prepper for 35 years.

  16. Feel free to post comments about the medical professionals site in the comment box below.

    However, to join, please follow the procedure outlined above.

    Doc Cindy

  17. J L Lee says:

    I’d like to join this Medical Professionals page. Here are my credentials:

    LPC = Licensed Professional Counselor

    SPADA = Specialist in Alcohol and Drug Abuse

    I also have gone through Critical Incident Stress Management training.

  18. Patrick C, EMT says:

    I am an Emergency Medical Technicain in New York and Pennsylvania for 5 years. I am also certified as a wilderness EMT. I am an AHA BLS Instructor and an avid Prepper.

  19. Brandi S, EMT says:

    I am a healthcare administrator of 10 years with a clinical background in nursing. Additionally, I was an EMT prior to nursing. Would love access…family and I are relocating to Idaho and getting very serious about prepping.

  20. RangerRick says:

    I just retired after 40 years in the emergency medical/disaster field;
    Red Cross Instructor/Disaster Responder 1964/2003,Volunteer
    Special Forces Medic 1971/1975, Volunteer
    D.O.D. Employee/Contractor 1975/2010
    EMT-A/Firefighter District Asst Chief 1977/2010, Volunteer
    Search and Rescue Team medic 1977/2010, Volunteer
    SwiftWater/ Floodwater Founder,member,medic 2003/2010,Vol.
    CERT Instructor,member,medic 2003/2005, Volunteer
    Survival Instructor/Security Specialist 1975/Present

  21. WM says:

    Would love access!

  22. M Forbes says:

    RN x 25yr w icu/er experience. NP x 12 yr w 5 yr in frontier clinic. currently in FP. please send password

  23. Joseph A, MD says:


    ob/gyn and pelvic surgeon for many years and dedicated prepper.

  24. John L. says:

    I am a podiatrist. Board certified in Primary Care and Surgery. I also work in wound care as well.

  25. Will says:

    Still waiting to find out if I can join. Original request, April 2011.

    Seattle EMT, First aid/ CPR instructor.

  26. Chuck, MD says:

    FM. Graduated 1999. MIlitary medicine background, prepper.

  27. bxxj says:

    I’m a nurse of 6 years experience, I worked my way up from a CNA. (4 more years) My experience ranges from long term care to acute care. I have spent extensive time managing ped vent patients. I am CERT trained, ham licensed and am a registered NOAA weather spotter. I frequently teach medical preparedness and procedures to groups ranging from adults to cub scouts. I am exited to find this resource to help me prepare and help others learn to do the same!! I am particularly interested in effective “old school” methods of wound care and medical practices. The types of things that can be implemented without a HUGE infrastructure in places like Haiti.

  28. Gordon, CRNA says:

    CRNA, 32 yrs experience

  29. Jennifer, RN says:

    Mental Health RN with 7 years of experience in a community based setting. Also have cardiac and newborn experience. Been prepping for a few years now and eager to learn all that I can to ensure the safety and wellness of my family.

  30. Diane says:

    Diane, RN, BSN .. nurse for over 30 years. Worked primarily ICU/ER in the past. For the past 15 years, have been thinking outside the box, writing articles/newsletters, and giving seminars on herbs/diet/lifestyle changes that is based on science and from a Christian perspective. Main goal for the past several years is to increase health literacy in my community and instruct parents on how to be better caregivers for their own family.

  31. WM, EMT says:

    I am currently training as an EMT. As a prepper, I want all the medical training I can get.
    Thanks for all the resources on your site!

  32. Ruth P, RN says:

    RN over 20 years, prepper, survivalist lining up my duckies and encouraging others to get their heads out of the sand, very impressed by your site and the spectrum of knowledge/info you make available, thank you

  33. Ethan, psychologist says:

    Still waiting to hear if I can join. Original inquiry 8/12. I am a clinical psychologist with 27 years experience. Member of our health system pandemic prep. team. I am Director of Medical Operations for 5 multi-specialty clinics (IM, FP, Peds, etc.)

  34. JL, Anesthesiologist says:

    MD, Anesthesiologist

  35. Glenn, EMT-P says:

    EMT-P since 1981, former Paramedic/Captain w county FR. RRT-NPS for the past 17 years. I have been in my local DMAT since 2001. SARTECHII

  36. Tim P, dentist says:

    Hi – am a dentist w/ interest in prepping.

  37. Mel, FNP says:

    Family Nurse Practitioner with many years of Emergency, Urgent Care and Primary practice experience. Interested in learning all that I can to prepare.

  38. Michael And Lavon S says:

    An BSRN ACLS manager and a CCP/LP perfusionist always looking for information.

  39. M-MT(ASCP), CIC says:

    I’m a Med Tech too…Generalist plus Microbiology experience, now management. Certified in Infection Control, completed NIMS 100,200 and 700. Work a lot with Emergency Management (both at home and work!). I’d be interested in these discussions.

    • Rhonda L, EMTP says:

      I am an former EMTP and currently training as a wilderness Paramedic. I would very much like to join your members only list.

  40. John, Paramedic says:

    retired firefighter/paramedic
    teach ACLS
    Volunteer Fire Chief
    would like to participate in the discussion, interested in providing care with limited resources.

  41. C H, CERT says:

    I have completed CERT training and have taken additional courses in Medical Response in Hostile Environments and Wilderness Survival Medicine. I believe your website will provide significant resource information for my preparations. Please provide the password. Thank you for your efforts.

  42. T. Starr, MT(ASCP) says:

    I am a medical technologist. I was very interested in the question that was posed about the possibility of performing lab tests. Who is ready? I have not seen any lab professionals in your panel of experts. I would like to be involved.

    • Doc Cindy says:

      Your input on lab testing would be much appreciated. Perhaps you’d like to contribute a few articles to supplement those submitted by Pete Farmer. Hands-on experience is always appreciated.

  43. Mike says:

    Emt with application of difib shocks for ventricular fib since 1981 through University of Washington.

  44. fliteking says:

    RN, 20 years experience, case management.

  45. SpinDoc says:

    20 years practice experience ortho rehab, conservative musculoskeletal care, 6 years pain medicine. Interested in expanding skills to provide support in TEOWAWKI scenario. Determining optimal supply stocking scenario (If you only have 4 abx, which are the best to stock, etc.) CV follows:

    MS, Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Board Certified, Physical Med & Rehab
    Subspeciality Board Certified, Pain Medicine

  46. Erica L, RN says:

    RN with home health, hospital and DD experience. Also planned and executed month long wilderness trips with no access to medical care.

  47. Shawn says:

    EMT/FF for 10 years. ER Tech for 5 years and I will complete my RN in Dec., most likely starting out in the ER where I have been teching.

  48. Julie says:

    I have been an RN since 1981. ICU, OB, ER, Home Health, camp nurse. I have been prepping for several years, including items that I would not be able to use myself but might be helpful to a doctor. I order alot of medical supplies from Ebay and also livestock supply companies.

  49. Peg, RN says:

    I am a RN with 30 years experience. I am preparing medical supplies for our group and would be responsible for any medical issues for them should the need arise. I have learned so much from your postings on survivalblog and came across your web site. This site is a wealth of information and would like to join.

  50. Scott, EMT says:

    EMT-B (P). US Army Special Operations Combat Medic, and prepper. Came across a link to the page in one of my other forums a couple weeks ago. Looks to be a great resource!

  51. Micki, CRNA says:

    I am a CRNA. I would like to be included in the professional discussion forum. Thank you for all the good information.

  52. rd, MD says:

    M.D. finished residency 1995. Prepper.

  53. Eric R, LPN says:

    I’ve been an LPN since 2004, I’ve worked in nursing homes, been a private duty nurse, and currently I work with the Mentally Retarded.

  54. John, MD says:

    MD for 10 years, very interested in survival medicine .

    • John says:

      I can provide my office contact info npi or dea if needed, or my dps or Texas license number.

  55. Richard and Elisabeth, MD & SR says:

    Retired MD and Search and Rescue (civil air patrol) desires to further our knowledge, please include on site.

  56. Naturopathic Doctor, RBTI Consultant, Former Professor of Nutrition.

  57. John, orthopedist says:

    Orthopedic surgeon. Thanks for the site!

  58. Nathalie, RN says:

    I am an RN with 10 years of experience, I would like to join in the conversation.

  59. Nicholas T, EMT says:

    EMT-B, Paramedic Student, Very interested in survival medicine.

    • Peg, RN says:

      I am a R.N. of 38 years. Currently I am working private duty home care for a vent-dependent young person and also work a for a young child.

  60. Dan MD says:

    Surgeon, wellness doc, wilderness first responder. Looking to get in on discussions.

  61. Chip says:

    I am a paramedic and teach wilderness medicine.

  62. Thomas D, RN says:

    I was an LPN for about 2 years and then earned my RN. I work in teaching hospital, the pediatrics progressive care unit. I worked a summer camp for boys with diabetes as a camp nurse. And I am thinking of going to that camp again in 2012 for maybe 3 or 4 weeks and spread the word about stockpiling personal medical supplies instead of waiting for a government to bail out of our situation.
    Sucks big time. But yes I want to be on the discussions with some others.
    Tom RN Virginia

  63. DMcN, RN says:

    RN, 20 yrs experience, trauma/critical care. emergency, psych, nephrology.

  64. farmerjohn, ED nurse says:

    ED Nurse for 3 years, ACLS, TNCC, Mechanic for almost 30 years and a prepper before 1984

  65. DJ, MD, PhD says:

    MD, PhD Neurosurgeon 20 years;
    USN/USMC experience

  66. Elmer says:

    I am an EMT-B working in hospital emergency management. I am also a EMT-B, BLS, and First Aid Instructor with the Philippine Department of Health.

  67. Brenda R, RN says:

    I am a vascular nurse with 20 years experience. I am activly prepping on a 600 acre farm and would very much like to participate in this informative group.

  68. Tom, EMT says:

    Wilderness and Urban EMT

  69. Rick B, PA-C says:

    Physician Assistant, 30 years experience in trauma surgery, orthopedic surgery, joint replacement and pain management.
    Prepper for as long as I can remember, and always willing to help/contribute if I can…
    Please include me, thanks!

  70. Mariansdukie says:

    RN WV. 25 yrs plus of experience in Operating room. Appreciate your looking into this. Thanks

  71. Sarah, ARNP says:

    I am an ARNP with a Master’s Degree.

  72. Alan says:

    Registered Pharmacist for 35 years.

  73. Margo says:

    RN who requested a code a week ago. Has there been no activity since May 1 or is this page broken.

  74. Rachel says:

    RN with 4.5 yrs experience in ICU stepdown, 1 yr home health, currently working in orthopedics. 1 month experience in 3rd world missions hospital and 3rd world medical missions clinical experience.

  75. Jake R. says:

    (ICU, ER, Cath Lab)
    Deputy Fire Chief, EMT
    NIMS IS 100/200/700/800, HazMat Ops (ProBoard), FF2 (ProBoard), CBRN Incident Mngmnt Ops.

  76. Robert, DC says:

    Texas Chiropractor interested in staying involved and informed, in case of emergency.

    Practice for 16 yrs. Acupuncture, Scoliosis rehabilitation

  77. Rob, EMT, PA says:

    Paramedic, Firefighter, EMS training officer, County EMS Director, Paramedic program director at local CC. Currently PA. Have been PA for 18 years. Have practiced in Vascular/general surgery, Sports/rehabilitation medicine, and dermatology.

  78. Lonestar1836 says:

    I would like the opportunity to participate and learn. I have been a paramedic since 1988 and an ER Nurse since 2004. I have extensive training in Remote Paramedicine having worked in the Gulf on oil rigs. As a member of the Emergency Response Community and a devoted father and husband, it is my obligation and responsibility to try and be ready for whatever may come.

  79. Charles, MA, LCDC-III, CPC says:

    I am a chemical dependency counselor (LCDC-III), masters degree, also certified in pastoral counseling, among other things (personal training, Biblical health coaching). I have worked in a variety of clinical settings, in AOD counseling and mental health, as well as ministry for many years. I am a member of my local Medical Reserve Corps (where I am the only mental health professional), and I am a long time prepper. I have completed first aid/CPR training as well as the Medical Corps “Medical Response in Hostile Environments” course, as well as various FEMA trainings, medical, mental health, and herbal medicine trainings, etc., and I have been a contributor to several medical and survival blogs/forums. When I worked in residential care, I had a lot of nursing type duties. I have a strong interest in alternative medicine, including herbs. I would very much like to be a part of the medical professional community on this forum.

  80. Melly says:

    EMT-P, assigned medical officer for group

  81. Craig says:

    Please add me to your list, great site, myself – EMT-1, DMT and recently completed TCCC.

    • Rhonda, paramedic says:

      I am an Paramedic with Wilderness Medical Training as well as PHTLS. I have 10+ years of experience and I am also live in a rural area where everyone knows where I am. Please add me to the list of special access for Medical Professionals. I may be the only person within miles of my area should there be a disaster. I want to be as prepared as possible.

    • Rhonda, paramedic says:

      Please add me to your list. I am a Paramedic with an real interest for my own personal knowledge.

  82. TS MD,PhD says:

    BSE engineering 1992
    Ph.D. Medicinal Chemistry 1996
    M.D. 1999
    Hopkins Residency 2004

    Interested in participating.
    Thank you

  83. Jeff, ER MD says:

    I am an ER physician in eastern NC and a retired USAR medical officer. I spent 12 years with a DMAT and a federal WMD team. I would like the opportunity to join the discussion

  84. David B, RN says:

    RN with four years experience working in Spinal Cord and Brain Injury, as well as wound care associated with SCI, TBI, and decubiti.

    Thanks for the website, and I’m happy to see preparedness articles that address more than food storage and the “best” gun to have.

  85. Jason L says:

    Thanks for building such a great forum. -Jason

  86. Will says:

    5 Years as a seattle /king county EMT. I am definitely a prepper.

  87. Charles says:

    I am a chemical dependency counselor, masters level, also certified in pastoral counseling, among other things (personal training, Biblical health coaching). I have worked in a variety of clinical settings, in AOD counseling and mental health, as well as ministry for many years. I am a member of my local Medical Reserve Corps (where I am the only mental health professional), and I am a prepper. I have completed first aid/CPR training as well as the Medical Corps “Medical Response in Hostile Environments” course, as well as various FEMA trainings, medical and mental health trainings, etc., and I have been a contributor to several medical and survival blogs/forums. When I worked in residential care, I had a lot of nursing type duties. I also have an interest in alternative medicine, including herbs. I would very much like to be a part of the medical professional community on this forum.

  88. S. Dowell says:

    Not sure if my last email got through. I’m a Pharmacist with 20 + years in the field. My wife and I are both serious preppers. I’d like to participate in this group. Please send me the passcode. Thanks

    {I just sent an email with the code. Thanks for checking in again. – Doc Cindy}

  89. Wayne S, MD, pilot says:

    EMT, RN, now MD Anesthesiologist, pilot, Katrina volunteer.

    {Welcome, Wayne. My own son passed his pilot exam today! – Doc Cindy}

  90. Stan STNA says:

    I worked as an E.R. orderly over 40 years ago. My how medicine has changed! After a long career in another better-paying field, I have decided to return to my first love and just finished STNA training and testing, and have found a job caring for Alzheimer’s patients.
    I met Dr. Koelker (the writer) a year and a half ago, and think she might have been a partial influence on where I find myself today.
    Lord willing, most of us will be here, in medicine, in “2012 and Beyond.” What are we going to do, to help the mentally impaired (of all ages) if the care money runs out, research stops, and only God knows what else?
    Thank you Dr. Koelker for the time you have spent building this discussion.

    • Doc Cindy says:

      My sister and I have taken to giving mini-concerts at nursing homes playing piano duets. Last week we played an Alzheimer’s “gig” and really enjoyed it. The audience was able to engage musically, though afterward couldn’t say a word as to why or how. No one seemed to notice a few mistakes here and there. It was fun.

  91. Ruth S, RN says:

    I’m an RN with over 30 years of experience in hospital nursing. Please send me the password.

  92. Jack, MD says:

    Enjoy the site and the info. 15 years experience as an anesthesiologist, some overseas medical missions, love the outdoors, live in Montana.

  93. Andy PAC says:

    I am a Physician Assistant with 25 years experience. I’ve worked in Oncology, Emergency Medicine, and for the last 20+ years in Cardiology. I am enjoying exploring your site. Thanks.

  94. Wagmon says:

    Former EMT-B in Colorado & Kansas, Firefighter, Search & Rescue. Currently member of Medical Reserve Corps, CERT, Boy Scouts of America leader & First Aid/CPR instructor.

    • Stan STNA says:

      Wagmon, Another Boy Scout! Are we prepared, or being prepared, or not? How important this mind-set is, in being ready for whatever lies around the next curve of our own trail, or another human being’s intersection with trouble where we can give help.

  95. Bob E S - NREMTP says:

    Former NREMTP with Oregon and Washington state certification Paramedic, Illinois certified EMTA, instructor for basic life support, 1St aid and cpr. Now a Washington state LPN with background in acls, pediatric life support and geriatrics in both emergency medicine and nursing. Have been looking for a site like this and would like to be included.

    • Charles, ortho PA says:

      Orthopedic PA-C for three years (surgery, ED, PACU, floor). ATLS, ACLS, PALS, BLS. Former FMF corpsman with 8 years service in USMC recon battlion.

      • Pete says:

        Charles, this is somewhat off topic but interesting to see your background as a former FMF corpsman turned PA-C. I am an RN and EMT considering my options for further training, i.e., either as an MD or PA, etc. Curious as to how the USN uses PAs these days, got any insights to share? I have a pretty good idea how the army uses them, but not the navy – since the USN has corpsmen, IDCs and so on.

        I tried to get into the navy as a corpsman myself, but was a year or two over the age cutoff and got turned down. Would consider military medicine as a doc or PA, if eligible, as I believe it is very high-quality training, and I am interested in operational medicine.

        Thanks for your reply…

  96. Sally S says:

    BSRN with a Masters in Human Services. 35+ yrs.- Pediatrics, Adult Care, and Hospice (cradle to grave, so to speak). Currently managing Medical Credentialing for the Air Force and Coast Guard via Lockheed Martin (Gov Contract).

  97. Craig V. says:

    Senior nursing student, will graduate in a few months,
    Current police officer (will retire after passing NCLEX-RN)
    Emergency preparedness and response experience in volunteer roles.

  98. Dawn O says:

    Retired general surgeon; password please.

  99. Jason L says:

    I am a professional firefighter/paramedic, and NFA certified HAZMEDIC. I have also completed WMA-Wilderness EMT and the National Ski Patrol’s Outdoor Emergency Care program. I currently instruct ACLS/BLS/PHTLS and all levels of hazardous materials certifications to emergency responders, industry and leo. I am also a prepper-found you through your work on

  100. Steve C, DDS says:

    My wife and I are both board certified pediatric dentists. Please include us. Thanks.

    • Roxanne says:

      Hi: I’m a ACNP (11 years) and an RN for 30+ years. I have mostly ED and ICU experience and have been discussing these issues with a MD. I’d like to have some practical information regarding how to take care of my family and community when times get tough.

  101. Paramedic-Specialist/RN
    35 years in the medical field
    Charge Nurse (Med-Surg, Tele, Surgical)
    Contributing author to Survival and Austere Medicine: An Introduction (2005)
    Webmaster – The Remote, Austere, Wilderness and Third World Medicine Forums

    I’ve been prepping since Mel Tappan was writing and advising.

  102. Al says:

    Doc Cindy, thank you soooo much for all that you do!
    I have nine years as a Search & Rescue Team member, Wilderness EMT & SAR Tech II (NASAR)…in the High Sierras of California.
    Please allow me access to your Medical Professional Page…I’ve learned much from your SurvivalBlog contributions as well as your Armageddonmedicine site.

    {Sounds like experience alone qualifies you. Welcome. – Doc Cindy}

  103. Drew says:

    Remote paramedic, CCT-P, significant disaster experience, prepper. Please include me on your list. Thank you.

    • Keith says:

      Field Supervisor Captain for rural remote ems system. 10 years ems experience. EMT-A. Completed Medical Corps training.

  104. Charles says:

    I am a chemical dependency counselor, masters level, also certified in pastoral counseling, among other things (personal training, biblical health coaching, parenting education). I have worked in a variety of clinical settings, in AOD counseling and mental health, as well as ministry for many years. I am a member of my local Medical Reserve Corps, and I am a prepper. I also have an interest in alternative medicine, including herbs.

    • SGS, RN says:

      I am a retired LEO but have a BSN in Nursing, and worked in the emergency medicine field for 9 years prior to that career change (5 years prehospital care and 4 as an RN in a large urban ER. I have been into prepping for 30 + years and still maintain my EMTB certification although my nursing licensure is not current. My wife is also an RN with current licensure.

  105. Carl S, RN says:

    RN for 20 years, mostly hospital emergency departments, and management.

  106. drcate4 says:

    I am a recently retired nurse/psychotherapist (Ph.D.), currently licensed in IL, and a prepper for several years. Please include me in the medical professionals group.

  107. Jim P, DO says:

    I am an emergency physician with over 30 years experience, active in canoeing, hunting, and fishing, and developing a lot of interest in prepping and scenerios like these.

  108. TC says:

    Just found the site…Great info.

    Would love to look into the professional side, I work as an EMT / Fire fighter in a very remote region and qualified 8 years ago as a combat medic with the army reserves. Long term prepper and I do voluntary first aid classes, mainly for schools/ childrens social clubs.

  109. ohdannyboy says:

    Great site. Thanks for doing this.

  110. Pete, Special Forces Medic says:

    I am a Special Forces Medic (18D) deployed in Afghanistan and trying to help others become prepared…
    I would love to be included.

  111. Matt says:

    Retired, career NREMT/P with 20 years experience. Currently a member of our Local Emergency Planning Committee. Also Civil Service Commissioner for local, paid FD. Long time prepper.

  112. Lucinda, Pharmacist says:

    I am a Pharmacist, Medical Reserve Corp member, and long time prepper.

  113. Nat, EMT says:

    I am an EMT and work in EMS

  114. Bob, MD says:

    MD for 10+ yrs, prev military, current private practice/urgent care
    long time prepper

  115. WolfBrother says:

    Former Mil-Medic (1970/74)
    Former FFighter/EMT/instructor (75-80)
    Current 1st responder with a VFD in the Texas Hill Country.

    I’m the WolfBrother who supplied the additional reading list on post

    I would appreciate being included in the professional list.


  116. pa4ortho says:

    Orthopedic PA-C
    Extensive remote site, war surgery, 3rd world, tactical, dental cross trained, military.

  117. KF,RN & TF,MD says:

    Board Certified M.D. Anesthesiologist at Mil. Base Hospital
    RN, BSN 35 years, E.R., I.C.U, Infectious Disease, Holistic Medicine

    Survival medicine and Prepping 25 years

    Requesting access to Medical pages

  118. Gary H says:

    Wife is nurse practioner…BSN, FNP,
    I have Credentials RDMS, RDCS, RVT, EMT-adv
    Daughter BSN

  119. Tee says:

    Graduate Nurse

  120. Dan says:

    I do not have any credible medical credentials other than Red Cross CPR/First Aid courses and some wilderness first aid courses. I am a wilderness guide having spent the better part of my life leading wilderness trips all over the world where medical knowledge is often needed. I also led teams of doctors and nurses on medical disaster response trips throughout the world. Your web site has been very helpful in upgrading my cred’s and I want to learn more. Thanks!!

    [We need input from those you have been there. Dan will be joining the pros site, hopefully telling us more about how these trips work out both for the public and the professionals.]

  121. Nika says:

    Newly graduated RN.

  122. JM says:

    NREMTP for 16 years.

  123. EC says:

    I am a nurse practitioner in Florida.

  124. DD, MD says:

    Board Certified: Emergency Medicine
    8 yrs Paramedic/Fireman before med school

  125. Duane says:

    Duane. ASN, BSN, RN, CNN.
    17 years. Telemetry and in and outpatient dialysis.
    Currently studying battlefield medicine.

  126. TC says:

    RN with cardiac PCU experience and wound care, 30 yrs home vet exp on own livestock, 30+ yrs prepping without knowing it had a name. Would love to learn from you all.

  127. Lori, RN says:

    Critical care RN. Moved to very rural area 11 years ago for health reasons, now very glad I did.

  128. Steve says:

    I’m a Medic of a fishing vessel. 30 years as a EMT.

  129. GLD says:

    I am a EMT/ Combat Life Saver, my wife is also a EMT. I work as a medivac pilot in California.

  130. Jeff says:

    24yr Paramedic very interested in checking out the professional pages. Thank you

  131. Stan, STNA says:


  132. LR says:

    Interested in learning more about living remotely, have bought property in the country. I’m an RN with neonatal ICU experience.

  133. Mark says:

    Army Combat Medic, Current ER/RN. Thanks for the alternate site for us.

  134. Brooke L says:

    I am a RN with 10 years experience in Home Health and Hospice. I live in a very rural area of Idaho, and have helped groups prepare/educate for pandemics and emergencies in the past. We have been prepping for several years and have attended conferences on wilderness emergency medicine and alternative medicine both for health professionals. We are preparing our home to be an outpost (unknown to the general public) when the grid goes down and are acquiring necessary tools/supplies for such a time as TEOTWAWKI. MY husband is a Physician Assistant who is slowly coming around to realizing the world is changing and is not a stable place. He has many years ER in rural and urban settings

  135. Dave, RN says:

    I’m an RN since 1996, licensed in Texas. I’ve worked in surgery, outpatient dialysis, inpatient acutes dialysis, endoscopy and currently work for a home health agency as I.T. Coordinator and Regulatory and Joint Commission Coordinator. I’ve experienced some third world working conditions in Haiti and Guatemala.

    I am interested in access to the professionals only page please.

  136. CES, MD says:

    ER Physician with > 20 years practice…
    Please add me to the list

  137. MorningStar says:

    Texas RN, School Nurse for 30+ years, retired and prepping.

  138. Alan, CRNA says:

    Doc, found you on survivalblog. 26yr. military. Started as medic/EMT then to BSN/ICU further on to MHS as CRNA for last 23years. Interested in the pro only site.

  139. LR says:

    I am an RN in Texas, please include me in the hc prfessionals web space

  140. Ray, EMT says:

    I am a NREMT-I currently working in Iraq. I’ve been in EMS for 30 years now, and still find new things to learn. After all I’ve seen in the last few years, I’m beginning to learn more and more about emergency preparedness.

  141. Eduardo, MD says:

    I am a former MD from a 3rd world country where everyday is a struggle to survive.
    I’m very much interested to be part of this and contribute my experience in operating with little logistics and emergency/survival situation.

  142. KB says:

    Cancer specialist in TN. Have similar interests.

  143. tadhg hart says:

    MD with 13 year career in emergency medicine and now 8 years in primary care private practice.

  144. James, NREMT-P says:

    Not sure if I still count or not, but former NREMT-P with 8 years experience.

  145. Jeff McB says:

    Hi Doc,
    I’ve been a paramedic since 1985 (EMT since 1983). I would really enjoy sharing ideas with other preppers in the medical field.

  146. Wardoc says:

    I’m a former ER Doc now a Neuroscience Consulting MD, and a prepper. What are your thoughts on freezing antibiotics (e.g. the list of 8 or so you recently placed on, for the purpose of extending their function / efficacy / lives? Thanks.

    [Doc Cindy replies: Some of the research I’ve done says freezing may decrease rather than increase shelf life, especially in delayed-release meds (which these antibiotics are not). Most drugs are marked with preferred storage temperature, which is basically room temperature. It would make sense that they have been formulated for maximum stability at room temperature (15-30 degrees C, or 59-86 degrees F, though some meds have a narrower range: 72 +/- 5 degrees F). Unfortunately, I have not found solid information on freezing medications. If anyone is aware of additional articles, let me know.

    One reference (at is: Int J Pharm. 2007 Sep 5;342(1-2):95-104. Epub 2007 May 21.
    Kinetics of amoxicillin and clavulanate degradation alone and in combination in aqueous solution under frozen conditions.
    Vahdat L, Sunderland VB. School of Pharmacy, Curtin University of Technology, WA 6845, Australia.

    This article shows accelerated degradation of both amoxicillin and clavulanate when frozen in solution at various pH levels.]

  147. Dan, DPM says:

    Podiatrist here, formerly in NJ – I guess you could say I “woke up” and got out of there about 5 yrs ago.
    New to your site & appreciate your efforts.

  148. Amy says:

    Nurse for 20 years (11 as CRNP) very interested.

  149. Aaron says:

    I have been a CPhT for years. I work nights in a busy 300 bed university level 1 trauma hospital with a burn, stroke, and cardiac center. Medicine is my job and my hobby, as well as being prepared. Please add me to your blog.

  150. Balvenie says:

    I am a licensed clinical psychologist with 25 years of experience working primarily with behavioral medicine including pain management and also with anxiety disorders ranging from generalized anxiety to PTSD. I also teach at a major urban university. I have recently developed interest in your work via Mr. Rawle’s survivalblog.

  151. Michael B, MD says:

    I am a board certified internist in the Boston area x 10 years. I see the writing on the wall. Love your site.

  152. David DC CCST says:

    26 years in practice – chiropractor with postgrad certification in spinal trauma.
    Definitely interested in your professionals only preparedness

  153. TWilliamM says:

    Was Licensed First Responder for 6 years in Wisconsin. Wisconsin recently changed title/name to Emergency Medical Responder. Member of volunteer rescue squad. Been on runs typical injury/serious health issues.

    Son and ex significant other (still friends though) are both EMT Basics also here in Wisconsin.

    I’d like to participate please, thank you.

  154. RB, M.D. says:

    Interested in gaining access to professional site.

    B.S. Chemistry, B.S. Nuclear Engineering- N.C. State
    M.D. – University of Washington, 1980
    General Internship – “rotating”- 1981 – San Bernardino Co.
    Boarded: Diagnostic Radiology – UC-Irvine
    Nuclear Medicine – UC-Irvine

    Thank you. Looking forward to participating.

  155. Docjoe says:

    EMT 1975, NREMT-P 82 to present, US Navy Corpsman (FMF) 82-98, Flight Physician Assistant/Flight Paramedic 97 to Present, Physician Assistant Certified with Special Recognition in Surgery (Trauma Service and General Surgery) 97-2005, ER FP IM Urology PA-C 05 to Present, Single father, prepper for over 30 years.

  156. A Davis says:

    I am NC & NR Paramedic w/ interest in preparedness; I have had a few articles posted on Rawles site.

  157. Paula says:

    I am an advanced practiced RN 30+ years but also a well trained herbalist – thanks to my grandmother and a beginner level acupuncturist. Long time prepper.

  158. Wade Hampton Tooth Doctor says:

    I would like to recommended the post today on Survivalblog from a neurosurgeon about his experience after last year’s earthquake in Haiti. He does a good job of describing the conditions there from a health care prospective. The title is The Earthquake in Haiti: First-Hand Lessons From Disaster, by Dr. L.F.

    He has many tips hidden in his piece that are applicable for any one of us in a grid down situation.

    [Link to above article:

  159. Rodger says:

    I have been a Paramedic/Firefighter for 21 years. The last 10 on a heavy Rescue Squad. I have a background in Hazmat /WMD and have training as a USAR medic and Special Operations Rescue.

  160. Pete says:

    Doc Cindy:

    This is Pete. For those who don’t know me, I am an RN (med-surg), and an EMT-B. Plan to attend PA school in the next 1-2 years. Would like to see some checklists or supply lists developed by different personnel and for different skill and practice levels. Done quite a bit of preparation on my own, but know there’s much more to be done. I am currently a contributor to the blog, on a variety of preparedness issues.

  161. sput says:

    Long time prepper and Respiratory Therapist, count me in

  162. Amanda says:

    My credentials are RN, BSN. I am ACLS certified and working towards other certifications. I am a newer nurse (I was a LPN for 2 1/2 years and have been a RN for just over a year). I am interested in the ER and critical care fields of medicine. I am also interested in disaster prepardeness from all stand points. I would like to learn what I can do now to be prepared for tomorrow.

  163. Cynthia, RN/midwife says:

    I have been an R.N. for 39 years. Yikes! I am a (retired) certified nurse-midwife, although I still keep my hand in by being a clinical instructor part-time for the local community college. I have been “prepping” for about six months. Please include me. I have probably forgotten more than I remember and want to refresh.

  164. Chris, Pediatrician says:

    Pediatician in VA, prepper for 2 yrs, very interested in discussion of timely topics.

  165. Karla, NP says:

    I am a nurse practitioner currently working in infectious disease. I have been a nurse for 20 years with a wide range of experience from ICU/ER to hospice. I am also a prepper and I am looking to expand my skill set for any TEOTWAWKI scenerio. Please include me! Your site has been very insightful.

  166. Charlie says:

    I’m an Optometrist since 1992. Been prepping for 3yrs. Found this site from Prior service army both as an eye doc and as a tank commander.

    • Bruce says:

      I am a Clinical Psychologist and have done lots of work with disaster management (hurricanes, fires, Ground Zero) with both civilians and police/fire/EMS. Please add me to your list.

  167. Polumetis says:

    academic MD in TN
    [Good to have another MD on board.]

  168. Rogers says:

    I am a 25 year business person. However, I am a recently licensed EMT-B. I decided to pursue EMT for the following reasons: to acquire life saving skills for family & friends in collapse situation, a productive hobby to stimulate my mind (turning 48 this mo.) and volunteer for my community. I have also decided to join my local volunteer fire dept. and pursue fire fighter training. I am very interested in and appreciate your site. Please help me learn more.
    An EMT & Prepper from AR

  169. RE says:

    RN in FL. Please include me.

  170. Sarah says:

    I am an RN licensed in WA, CA and NV since 1999.

    [Good to have another nurse with us. – Doc Cindy]

  171. Rich says:

    I have been a National Registry Paramedic since 1988, I am currently still certified but do not “play” in the field anymore. I am a NJ EMT-Basic instructor, AHA CPR and ACLS instructor. I have a “side” business of doing emergency preparedness training as well as customized medical training. I do have field experiance at both the EMT and paramedic level. My last gig as a medic was as a paramedic with a mobile demolitions team in Iraq. I do like your site as well as the audio lecture I have listened in on. Even thought I have been around for a while I by far do not know it all and still like to learn new things or relearn what I may have forgotten.

  172. Vicki says:

    I am an R.N. and a prepper. I’ve just found your site this week and have enjoyed it very much. In a disaster, I will be the only medical person for our family.

    [Hi Vicki, good to have you on board. – Doc Cindy.]

  173. Stan says:

    ER/ ICU RN with 20 years experience. Just stumbled across you on the web. I’m interested.

    [Great to meet you Stan. – Doc Cindy]

    • Stan says:

      Those of us with medical experience have to start thinking outside the box, as far as disaster medicine/ and medical care outside the medical system. We need to, for instance start planning for administering medical care to patients without the usual plethora of equipment and use once & throw away mind set. That said, I am interested in any info out there on disaster medicine for medical professionals. I am also trying to put together a first aid box larger than I would normally need, to have some extra supplies for the unexpected. I welcome any comments, or feedback, and also any info on cheap medical supplies. Remember, most medical problems take care of themselves, with just rest…. Thank God!

      • Dan, DPM says:

        Great, but expensive, info resource:

        Wilderness Medicine, 5th Edition [Hardcover]
        by Paul S. Auerbach
        2316 pgs
        # ISBN-10: 0323032281

        (I have no financial incentive in the sale of this book)

  174. DJ, DMD says:

    I am a dentist that commented on the removing braces article with a link to survival blog. I would like to included in this discusssion forum.

  175. DE, DC says:

    I am a Chiropractor licensed in FL since 2001. I would be interested in discussing preparedness with fellow Healthcare providers.

    • J. Smith says:

      I am a cardiac ICU nurse with 5 years experience in critical care. I’m an ACLS and BLS instructor, and I’m also a prepper.

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