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Affordable prepping for asthma and COPD

A reader’s question got me thinking today. With albuterol inhalers costing about $50 a pop, not to mention maintenance inhalers at $100-$200 per month, and with Primatene Mist now off the market, is there any way an asthmatic can prep … Continue reading

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Tip of the Week – Primatene Mist (2011-12-01)

Audio MP3 recording of important update on Primate Mist Click to listen: Primatene Mist Update (December 1, 2011) Related articles Primatene Mist With Chlorofluorocarbons No Longer Available After Dec. 31, 2011 (fda.gov) FDA to Primatene Users: Get Asthma Prescription Now … Continue reading

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Asthma and COPD – Part I – Introduction

The following is excerpted from my upcoming book, Armageddon Medicine. * * * Does the thought of not having a rescue inhaler on hand fill you with panic?  What will you do if albuterol is suddenly unavailable?    I remember … Continue reading

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