Free Medical Downloads for Treating Yourself

If you’re worried you may end up where there is no doctor,  you’re not alone.  For Americans, this is largely a concern of the future.  For Third World countries, it’s a problem today.

The Hesperian Foundation has several publications available for free download at:  A sampling of titles available in English includes those listed below.  Most are also available in Spanish, and some have been translated into other languages.  The publications are written at a very basic level, appropriate to countries with very little technology or education.  Several are also available for purchase as books.

 A Community Guide to Environmental Health
Where There Is No Doctor
Where Women Have No Doctor
A Book for Midwives
A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities
Disabled Village Children
Cholera Prevention Fact Sheet
Sanitation and Cleanliness for a Healthy Environment
Water for life
Pesticides are poison
Safe Handling of Health Care Waste

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About Cynthia J. Koelker, MD

CYNTHIA J KOELKER , MD is a board-certified family physician with over twenty years of clinical experience. A member of American Mensa, Dr. Koelker holds degrees in biology, humanities, medicine, and music from M.I.T., Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, and the University of Akron. She served in the National Health Service Corps to finance her medical education.
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  1. Carley F says:

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