Watch Dogs and Precious Pooches – don’t forget about Snoopy

Dwight, one of our veterinary colleagues, sent me a pamphlet on the military working dog that includes a list of references animal-lovers may want to add to their survival bookshelf. 

Anyone with working dogs, watch dogs, or beloved pets will want to know how to care for these members of the extended family. 

The following lists are excerpted from: 

The Handbook of Veterinary Care and Management of the Military Working Dog  05 March 2004

 Primary References (latest edition)

  • Veterinary Drug Handbook, Plumb (Iowa State University Press)
  • Five-Minute Veterinary Consult, Tilley & Smith (Williams & Wilkins)
  • Current Veterinary Therapy  [Latest 2 editions], Kirk & Bonagura (Saunders)
  • Muller & Kirk’s Small Animal Dermatology.  Scott, Miller & Grifffin (Saunders)
  • Handbook of Veterinary Procedures and Emergency Treatment, Kirk, Bistner, & Ford (Saunders)
  • Small Animal  Surgery, Fossum (Mosby)
  • Small Animal Clinical Diagnosis by Laboratory Methods, Willard, Tvedten & Turnwald (Saunders)
  • Control of Communicable Diseases in Man, Bennison (American Public Health Association) FM 8-33
  • Atlas of  Radiographic Anatomy of the Dog and Cat, Schebitz & Wilkens (Verlag/Saunders)
  • Infectious Diseases of the Dog and Cat, Greene (Saunders)
  • Clinical Textbook for Veterinary Technicians, Miller & McCurnin (Saunders) FM 8-52
  • Handbook of Veterinary Anesthesia, Muir et al (Mosby)
  • Internal Medicine:  Essentials of Small Animal Internal Medicine, Nelson & Couto            (Mosby)
  • Neurology:  Handbook of Veterinary Neurology, Oliver & Lorenz (Saunders)     

Additional Recommended References

  • The Bristol Handbook of Veterinary Antimicrobial Therapy, Bristol-Meyers (Veterinary    Learning Systems)
  • Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine.  Ettinger & Feldman (Saunders)
  • Textbook of Small Animal Surgery, Slatter (Saunders)
  • Practitioners Guide to Pet Behavior Problems, Huinthausen & Landsberg (AAHA)
  • Small Animal Oral Medicine and Surgery, Bojrab & Tholen (Lea & Febiger)
  • Veterinary Dental Techniques for the Small Animal Practitioner, Holstrom, Frost & Eisner (Saunders)
  • Small Animal Clinical Nutrition; Hand, Thatcher, Remillard, & Roudebush (Mark Morris Institute)
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