Can powdered pig make your finger grow back?

Can powdered pig make your finger grow back?

Yes, according to the article “The Healing Power Within” in the July/August 2011 edition of Discover Magazine.

It tells of the discovery of the healing powers of extracellular matrix, referred to in the videos below. After watching the videos, read on, for application to TEOTWAWKI.


The Discover Magazine article features additional detail regarding the simpler experiments Dr. Badylak performed before discovering the potential healing power of extracellular matrix. 

Basically, he used dog (then pig) intestine to replace a section of dog aorta. To his surprise, the dogs did well. In fact, with time, muscular aortic tissue replaced the grafted intestinal tissue. Eventually he isolated extracellular matrix as the tissue which stimulate healing.

But if an aorta can regenerate, what about a nose or an ear? Could the simple act of swathing a partially-amputed finger in pig intestine cause it to regenerate? Or what about a hand? Could the tissue be used to cover a severe burn, or maybe to regenerate a lost tooth?

Nowadays such discoveries inevitably lead to high tech answers, but maybe, at TEOTWAWKI, a simpler answer would be equally effective.

I for one am tucking this information away for future consideration. Maybe, just maybe, it’ll come in handy one day.

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