Week 15 – Question of the Week: How are you encouraging your neighbors to prep?

Week 15: 2011-06-23

This week I was talking with Pastor Bill, who once told me he’d stocked over 300 rolls of toilet paper.  Today I asked him what other preparations he’d made, which turned out to be quite a few – a generator, an outhouse, wood stove heating, a well, food supplies.

Then he went on to add that he thought he was the only one on his road making any preparations at all.  What about the newlyweds across the street who are expecting a baby soon.  What are you going to do, turn them away?

This got me wondering what you advanced preppers are doing to encourage your neighbors, friends, and relatives to prepare.  We can’t all bug out.  I might be able to garner enough supplies for my extended family, but I cannot supply the entire community.

So what are you doing to encourage your neighbors, friends, and relatives to prepare?  And what success have you had?

Anyone is welcome to submit an answer to share.

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CYNTHIA J KOELKER , MD is a board-certified family physician with over twenty years of clinical experience. A member of American Mensa, Dr. Koelker holds degrees in biology, humanities, medicine, and music from M.I.T., Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, and the University of Akron. She served in the National Health Service Corps to finance her medical education.
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6 Responses to Week 15 – Question of the Week: How are you encouraging your neighbors to prep?

  1. Laura m. says:

    I learned years ago, that you can’t tell others what to do. If people don’t prep they obviously lack common sense and I wouldn’t want them in our bartering group anyway. Others that are bragging on preps or telling others what they are doing (don’t even tell your children) are setting themselves up to be raided by those who ignored them. Best to keep low profile and MYOB. If others won’t see the need to prep, they’re not going to listen to warnings. People tell relatives or long-time friends who ignore warnings.

  2. Leeloo says:

    Sadly, I’ve recommended MANY times to my closest relative, my sister, to prepare. She sheepishly replies “Well, I know where to show up.” Bad part is, I do not have enough for her and her family, I would literally turn them away. It makes me crazy that she thinks it’s funny. “Oh, I have a few boxes of pasta…”

    The rest of my family, I won’t even mention it. I tried to bring up the financial state of the USA and basically was told my husband was making me paranoid. It’s like the rose-colored glasses are so thick they can’t see a thing.

  3. Rich S. says:

    Good food for thought (no pun intended). I am not doing anything to get my neighbors to prep. I can’t even get members of my own family to do it. Going to the beach and hanging with their “BFF’s” and letting the kids play on the Xbox is more important. I mean their hose is need of a lot of repairs and my son-in-law was more worried about getting the wand or whatever it is called replaced for my grandson so he could play a rental game on his XBox, play station or whichever one it is.

    I have tried in the past to get friends to prepare to only be laughed at, even now with things like they are and a lot of folks “feel” like something is wrong or going to happen. They do nothing to get ready or be prepared. AS for my neighbors… I have at least two drug dealers on my street, maybe more. Others are clueless individuals and families that i don’t usually even say hello to. If I did talk to any of them it would just be more people I would have to worry about showing up at my door begging for handouts or ready to try and take what I have.

    Now before anyone says the same crap I hear all the time “well why don’t you just move”… Ah, well ah, if just is not an option… Not everyone can just up and move. My wife is a city employee, if I move she loses her job. My job my be coming to and end in Sept. as I do government contracting. And El Presidenti is stopping funding to a LOT of government contracts to help make sure welfare, unemployment and other things like that keep going to help ensure his reelection next year. So no, moving is not an option. I have plans to get out if and when something happens, but that is not something I will post or anywhere (OPSEC/COMSEC)… As I have already probably said too much. Not paranoid but why take the chance, right?

    I already have one “neighbor” who has borrowed my chainsaw to cut down some branches at his dad’s house. But they live two houses down and there are never any branches out on the street. But he has brought back my chainsaw with a ruined blade and used a half a can of gas. But he was really doing was working on a side job making money to go drinking with. Not conjecture, but fact. He has not held a job in the 15 years I have lived on the street and he is healthy and only in his mid-thirties.

    So help my neighbors? Maybe, but doubtful. Talk to them about prepping, never… Sorry if this sounds like a rant but you did ask… 🙂

  4. Jodi says:

    First, THANK YOU for all you do on this wonderful website! We have a small farm that we have been co-oping for 6 years. Families that live in the city limits are invited to learn to grow and preserve food. Later, they can turn their yards into “food edens” and many of them have. We sell leftover produce and I teach food preservation classes to the public and host school field trips. I focus a lot on the harmful effects of GMO foods and the benefits of “knowing where your food comes from,” buying local, and eating pasture-raised meats. It is well known in our area that we prep, because of our work, and we feel that at least 80% of the folks who have worked with us are prepping, at least food. We have put ourselves at risk to an extent, but the family decision was to educate and therefore help our community be prepared also. We mention that we will be heavily armed and fortified, and will not be accepting refugees. But will hand out a one time only charity dehydrated meal pack, and will use force if the same folks came back or tried to harm us.

    For us, and I am sure many others, this is the hardest of decisions. All of our friends and family have been told that if they don’t prep, they will not be provided for. Period. I have spent many long, agonizing nights over this issue, and am glad to put it to rest.

  5. Ralph says:

    The subject of prepping to some is somewhat of a touchy subject. I have had people look at me as though I was nuts when I discuss the need to have extra food, emergency lighting, and communication.

    I am from the South Florida area, and have come to the conclusion that maybe 10 percent of the population is prepared.

  6. Charles, MA, LCDC-III, CPC says:

    I talk to family and friends about the price of food going up. Prepper or not, everyone seems to understand the importance of saving money by having a garden, buying on sale or in bulk, using coupons, using generics, etc. I also give preparedness gifts: flashlights, crank radios, storage food, 72 hour kits. One close friend even did some work on my house last year in exchange for a few buckets of rice and beans.

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