Photo Quiz Answer – Q.001

Photo Quiz Answer – Q.001 – June 10, 2011

Cutaneous anthrax due to Bacillus anthracis.

Most cases of cutaneous anthrax are caused by contamination of an open wound, often with bacteria present on wool, leather, or hair from infected animals, particularly goats.

Untreated, 20% of patients with cutaneous anthrax will die, though death is rare with appropriate antibiotic therapy (<1%).

Ciprofloxacin 500 mg twice daily or doxycycline 100 mg twice daily is recommended for the treatment of anthrax in adults and children (with the consideration that amoxicillin or penicillin may be preferable in growing children or pregnant women.)

Treatment should be continued for 10 days, unless a bio-terrorist attack is a concern, in which case 60 days of treatment is recommended.

The above image is a Gram stain of the anthrax bacterium.  For additional images, see below.

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Photomicrograph of Bacillus anthracis from an ...

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Gram-positive Bacillus anthracis bacteria (pur...

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  1. Brian R says:

    Just wondering if there is any natural plant remedies for something like this, or any of the photo quiz questions…during TEOTWAWKI, many of us won’t have these antibiotics but might have medicinal herb garden.

  2. Gary M says:

    This is good information. People with limited medical experience have probably never seen anything like this. Armageddon survivors may be dealing with lots of medical unknowns. Articles like this prepare people like me to make better guesses in a time of crisis. Trial and error can be a harsh teacher.

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