Atlas of Human Anatomy – free online atlas with hundreds of images

Hesperian Foundation – free online library of downloadable books, including Where There is No Doctor

Hotmail Sky Drive – from pa4ortho – wide range of medical prepping topics

Johns Hopkins Poc-It Guides – on antibiotics, diabetes, and HIV (charge for full access) 

Medscape Reference – Drugs, Conditions, and Procedures

Medtech Forum  for Remote, Austere, Wilderness & Third World Medicine 

Merck Manual – free online version of this respected professional resource



Rohrmüller_Medical – Norway-based emergency/wilderness medical training





Suburban Survivalist – extensive list of survivalist sites

SurvivalBlog – huge survival blog, hosted by James Rawles, author of How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It

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  1. Cynthia says:

    The Hesperian Foundation not only has a link to “Where There is No Doctor” but also an excellent book “A Book For Midwives”. I suggest everyone either download this book (for free) or order a copy of the book for your survival library.

    [Here’s the link: – Doc Cindy]

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