101 Ways to Save Money on Health Care

Although 101 Ways to Save Money on Health Care was written with economics in mind, since knowing how to care for your own health is an important aspect of both Armageddon Medicine and saving money on health care, this is an inexpensive and timely starting place.  It explains how to treat over 30 common medical conditions, often without consulting a professional.  

ISBN 978-0452296947
Paperback: 304 pages
Publisher: Plume (September 1, 2010)
Retail $13.00  
Endorsed by
CNN’s Elizabeth Cohen
LeAnn Thieman of
Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul


Recommended in Reader’s Digest, and already an Amazon best-seller among health care books, this handy manual includes chapters on treating:  

Retail only $13.00.
Under $10 at Amazon and on Kindle.

Free at your local public library.
(If they don’t have it yet, be sure to request it.)


Reviews and Recommendations


Akron Beacon Journal

January 2010   

“. . . family doctor offers advice, consumer-friendly tips in new book — full of tips about when to see a doctor and when maladies can be safely — and cheaply —  treated at home.”
MENSA Bulletin
The Magazine of American MENSA 
January 2010  
“All this talk about revolutionary new healthcare plans is fine, but what do you do in the meantime?  Part of Dr. Koelker’s Practical Healthcare Series, this book covers the gamut – doctor visits, prescriptions, preventative healthcare, chronic health problems, acute illness, medical testing, hospitals, ancillary service, OTC nostrums, and OTC meds that were once prescriptions.  Use one idea and the book more than pays for itself.”
Print Magazine Highlights 
September 23, 2009
101 WAYS TO SAVE MONEY ON HEALTHCARE: a practical guide to saving money on everything from wart removal to the annual physical, written by a family physician who has split a few pills herself in an effort to save her clients’ money.
22nd Annual Buckeye Book Fair
November 7, 2009  
Intended for the general public,101 Ways to Save Money on Healthcare is an insider’s perspective on how every American can save hundreds to thousands of dollars on their personal health care.
The Canton Repository
February 15, 2010 
Her new book, “101 Ways to Save Money on Healthcare,”offers a wealth of insider information medical professionals know and others don’t.
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