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The Four Phases of Armageddon Medicine

In the preface to my upcoming book, Armageddon Medicine, I refer to the four phases health care will likely experience at TEOTWAWKI: floundering, fading, forgotten, and future. Recently someone asked, Are there any signs the process has already begun? Is … Continue reading

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Week 22 – Question of the Week: Can you give an IV without IV access, or, Have you tried hypodermoclysis?

Week 22: 2011-10-12 (non-consecutive weeks)  Suppose your child has vomited for days and is too weak to walk. The grid is down and the hospital is closed, their generator having run out of fuel. You have no idea where to … Continue reading

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Between a rock and a hard place…(or, when you have to perform euthanasia of a pet in a survival or disaster environment)

A few weeks ago a patient sat before me, quietly tearful. Like so many others, she was embarrassed to say that her cat’s illness was the cause of her distress. Putting a pet to “sleep” – a kind euphamism for euthanasia – is … Continue reading

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Buy today: New book by Jim Rawles, editor of SurvivalBlog

Most readers will recognize Jim Rawles as the editor of Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 marks the release of his new novel, Survivors, sequel to  Patriots. The book is already rated a best-seller, based on pre-sales, but you can help … Continue reading

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