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Week 16 – Question of the Week: Bioterrorism – Worth worrying about or not?

Week 16: 2011-06-30 I’m completing the chapter in my book on bioterrorism and would like to ask everyone: how concerned are you? Have you done anything to prepare in the event of a bioterrorist attack?  Do you worry about receiving … Continue reading

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Home birth – One doctor’s experience

It didn’t happen on purpose.  Not exactly, anyway. This was child #3, during my stint in Appalachia with the National Health Service Corps.  Though I lived in the biggest town around (with a grand 5,000 population), no doctor was willing … Continue reading

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Week 15 – Question of the Week: How are you encouraging your neighbors to prep?

Week 15: 2011-06-23 This week I was talking with Pastor Bill, who once told me he’d stocked over 300 rolls of toilet paper.  Today I asked him what other preparations he’d made, which turned out to be quite a few … Continue reading

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Survival Gardening with Doc Cindy

When my vision blurs from typing, I head for my survival garden.  I hope I survive the season. Writing a book on Armageddon Medicine will change your view of the world.  For instance, when I see a patch of grass, … Continue reading

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Photo Quiz Answer – Q.002

Photo Quiz Answer – Q.002 – June 17, 2011 Here’s a little more (fabricated) history to help you decide. This picture was taken 36 hours after a Labor Day picnic, which this girl enjoyed thoroughly, lying in the grass, talking … Continue reading

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Photo Quiz Question – Q.002

Photo Quiz Question – Q.002 – June 17, 2011 It’s summertime . . . better watch out for this problem. Anyone can get it – no one is truly immune. What does the above image depict?  Is there any treatment?  … Continue reading

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Week 14 – Question of the Week: Hyperinflation – is it coming to America?

Week 14: 2011-06-16 Hyperinflation – is it coming to America? Today I’m asking your opinion on hyperinflation. Should I buy a wheelbarrow to tote useless dollars? How will health care be effected in the short-term? Is Glenn Beck crazy or … Continue reading

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Clinical Laboratory Procedures under Austere Conditions: Part III – Sample Preparation

The following post on clinical laboratory procedures is contributed by Pete Farmer,  who holds advanced degrees in research biology and history, and is also an RN and EMT.  For Part I of the series, click HERE. Thank you, Pete, for this practical … Continue reading

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Trials and Tribulations in Medical Prepping

Frustated with preparing for end-of-life-as-we-know-it medical concerns?  Today a reader and health care provider shares her experience with trying to get her doctor to help her with medical prepping.    * * * I personally have been ethical and forthright with … Continue reading

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Photo Quiz Question – Q.001

Photo Quiz Question – Q.001 – June 10, 2011 As this web site has developed I’ve continually tried to adapt it to the interests of my readers. At medical conferences, photo quizzes are always popular, and at the-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it, diagnosis will … Continue reading

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