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It’s 2012 already – Part 8

This post is eighth in a series by Edward W. Pritchard.  To read more of his writings please visit:    It’s 2012 already – part 8 fiction Copyright © 2010 Edward W. Pritchard   My exposure to Armageddon began long … Continue reading

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Post-Apocalyptic World Medical Book List by WolfBrother

The following suggestions are contributed by a reader under the name WolfBrother.  Thanks, WB.  Readers with additional ideas are encouraged to contribute. – Doc Cindy * * * The PAW (Post-Apocalyptic World) medical book list I give to folks is: … Continue reading

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Ten Essential OTC Medications to Stockpile

 Are over-the-counter (OTC) drugs really worth stockpiling?  As a family physician my answer is a resounding yes.  Most of the following were actually prescription medications when first released.  (In higher dosages, several still are.)  Although other OTC drugs are worth … Continue reading

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References for Medical Preppers: Books, DVDs, and CDs

The following post on medical preparedness is contributed by Pete Farmer,  who holds advanced degrees in research biology and history, and is also an RN and EMT. * * * If you are in the process of preparing for future medical contingencies, … Continue reading

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